Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The time has come for Patriots to put up or shut up!



What is left of America,
cannot be sustained by four more years of the Meccachurian.
The problem is there isn't much of an alternative.
The offerings presented by the Republican party are dismal at best.
A third party candidate stands about as much chance as a
virgin at spring break.

We've examined reports by private, and our own Intelligence Analysts.
The outcomes do not look promising for the citizenry at large.
We can only guess the dire straights the citizenry will be suffering
in just over one year.

In the time period preceding the last elections,
we stressed the importance of emergency preparedness should the Meccachurian win.

Now, with the crumbling of America's infrastructure,
spiraling unemployment and economics disaster.
We will be stressing the importance of NOT allowing the Meccachurian,
to finalize his total destruction of America.

Send us your observations and reports to:
Communication is vital in these challenging times.

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ayman al-Zawahiri Sparks One Up!


Al Qaeda's stoned leader Ayman al-Zawahiri,
has released a 13-minute video in which he celebrates the so-called
'defeat' of the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 60-year-old stoner praises 9/11 for 'attacking America at its core',
in the footage released on wannabe jihadist websites last night.

Zawahiri also describes the fall of Arab 'despots' in Libya,
Tunisia and Egypt as defeats for 'their master America'.
This clearly shows how stoned Zawahiri is,
thinking Muammar Gaddafi is an American ally.

The 60-year-old Egyptian-born stoner terrorist leader,
who took control of al-Qaeda in June,
wears a white diaper turban in the video, to soak up his oral diarrhea.

Zawahiri is one of the few remaining high-profile al-Qaeda targets left,
there have already been an estimated 10 al-Qaeda leaders killed this year.

So toke up Ayman and enjoy your delusional state in these your last days on Earth.
That "buzz" will be a Hellfire missile homing in on your position.

Let's Get Stoned!

In the name of Allah the Merciful
As-Sahab Media Production

[And, following defeats the Americans]

The Mujahid Shaykh / Ayman al-Zawahiri, may Allah protect him

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Connecticut Survivalist Alliance
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Advisory on "Occupy Wall Street" Movement


As many of you know,
we liked quoting Theodore Roosevelt,
the twenty-sixth President of the former United States,
who said, "Americans only learn by disaster".

There has been much talk lately of mass economic riots
due to the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.

These so-called protesters are a collection of
anarchists, socialists, and liberals.

Many of these groups are advocating simultaneous violent uprisings to topple the
American system of capitalism,
and are openly promoting the overthrow of the government.

This open call for insurrection is the excuse the government needs to implement
martial law and suspend elections,
bringing about the Meccachurian's dreamed totalitarian state.

These groups are so infiltrated by 3-letter agencies,
it's hard to tell the genuine communists from the agents provocateurs.

Those of you in the genuine patriot movement should be heavily on guard against this
"Occupy Wall Street" movement,
there are some genuine misguided individuals inter-mingled in the mix.
But all should be considered suspect

Remember the old joke:
"Look to your left, look to your right.
1 of you 3 is an FBI agent!

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More As-Sahab BS!


The crippled al-Qaeda media unit (As-Sahab Media Productions),
belatedly released a supposed Osama bin Laden audio tape a day after the
tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The recording by a bin Laden voice double,
and his current successor,
the master of oral diarrhea,
Ayman al-Zawahiri was posted on jihadi Web site on Sept. 12th.

Bin Laden's voice double chides US democracy by saying it is beholden to Israel,
and corporations and then urges people to read Bob Woodward’s book
“Obama’s Wars.”

The truth is that you are moving in a vicious circle.
For some years, you were led by the Republicans, then by the Democrats, and so on and so forth,
but your train runs along the same track, which was laid by the major corporations decades ago,
in order to serve their interests
,” bin Laden's voice double states.

"Many of your representatives in the White House and the two Houses of
Congress are double agents.
Even though theoretically, they are the decision makers, the real decision
makers, with regard to your most important demands,
are the major corporations
,” bin Laden's voice double also states.
by urging Americans to read.

“I recommend that you read Obama’s Wars, by Bob Woodward.
Obama should have been more honest with you, and should have told you that
pressure was being exerted on him to continue the war,
as well as to support the Israelis, not because this was dictated by America’s
interests, but because it was dictated by the interests of the influential lobbies in
” Bin Laden's voice double concludes

Meanwhile, al-Zawahiri’s message is aimed towards Arabs,
urging citizens in countries with uprisings to continue the struggle and that
the “Arab Spring” will be an “American Winter."

In the name of Allah the Merciful
As-Sahab Media Production

[Imminent dawn of victory]
Ten Years since the Attacks of Blessed Tuesday

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Extremely BORING Spew From #2


In a new, extremely long video message from al-Qaeda's number two master of oral diarrhea, Ayman al-Zawahiri calls on Arab armies to intervene in Libya to help eject dictator Moammar Gadhafi before "Western aid... turns into invasions." This is an extremely BORING video, with a clearly weathered Zawahiri. At roughly 1:08:45, Zawahiri appears to turn the video into a jerk off instructional video.

In the name of Allah the Merciful


[Message of hope to our people in Egypt] Download

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Disaster in Japan the Mainstream Media Won't Touch


Me Love You Long Time!

"That isn't a dead girl he's carrying!"

The Disaster in Japan the Mainstream Media Won't Touch

Japan's National Police Agency says their are 14,734 people unaccounted across the country since the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami that hit the Pacific coastal areas of northeastern and eastern Japan on March 11th. The tsunami may have caused heavy casualties and extensive damage, but the mainstream media isn't reporting that many of the missing females have been carted off into the lucrative sex slave trade. Missing females are simply chalked up to having been "washed out to sea". Reports immediately after the disaster of roving gangs of "slavers" were ignored by Japan's National Police Agency. Connecticut Survivalist Alliance A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

Monday, March 21, 2011

Microchip Implants Allow Terrorists to Converse With Allah!



Microchip Implants Allow
Terrorists to Converse With Allah!

The implants are specifically designed to be injected in the forehead.
When properly installed, it will allow the terrorist to converse With Allah!
The implants come in a variety of sizes as shown here.

The exact size of the implant will be selected by a
well-trained and highly skilled technician,
who will also make the injection.
No anesthesia is required.

The implant may or may not be painless.
Common side effects, like headaches, nausea and cranial seepage have been
reported,but are extremely temporary.

Some bleeding or swelling may occur at the injection site.
In most cases, the terrorist won't even notice.

These devices are being considered for use along the southwest border.
Some fine tuning may be required to allow illegal immigrants to converse with
their ancestral spirits or Tezcatlipoca.

The CSA is a leading distributor of these implants,
and hopes to prove that this low cost program will have the desired effect of
keeping citizens safe and secure!

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization