Sunday, June 27, 2010

IMINT - G20 2010 Toronto


G20 2010 Toronto

Protesters sit in front of the security fence,
despite the ban from approaching within five meters.

Demonstrators in front of a roadblock on College Street.

Demonstrators in front of Queen's Park face rain.

Agents provocateurs "attack" a police car.

A REAL protestor is arrested before the detention center,
housed in a film studio in Toronto.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day Note and a Little Poll!


We hope all the "traditional" fathers out there had a great day Sunday.
We see the Meccachurian opened up his rancid mouth and
praised,"two father" families (and no not because mom got
divorced and re-married

We are taking a little poll.

If you could not identify the person in this photo below,
what sexual orientation would you visually attribute to him

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Meccchuian Abandons America!


Fort Hancock, Texas

The Meccachurian plays golf while our country is being invaded by enemy combatants.
Ignoring the border and the Gulf crisis
Even the Meccachurian's closest confidants are becoming disillusioned.
Rumors are that Rahm Emanuel will quit within six to eight months,
after growing tired of the "idealism" of the Meccachurian's inner circle.

When will the average American say enough is enough?
When will they realize they have been duped by a charlatan?The Meccachurian's agenda to destroy the United States has
been accomplished.
With the runaway national debt he has created,
it can NEVER become economically viable again.
In 2011, China will become the world’s biggest manufacturing nation.

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
has always been fond of the quote by Theodore Roosevelt who said,
"Americans only learn by disaster".
Apathy appears to even have nullified this.

Estimates are that the BP oil leak could continue for 2-4 years unless stopped!
The erosion of American culture by the invasion of enemy combatants (illegal immigrants),
and their desire to create a Latino homeland called "AZTLAN",
has destroyed the southwest.
If the public cannot learn from these two disasters,
any hope is for our once proud nation is lost

The CSA strives to provide reliable intelligence,
for our members and affiliates to read, research, and investigate.
But, with each passing day,
we see the Meccachurian's corrupt government becoming a complete totalitarian
state, and the rights of individuals being slowly and covertly stripped away
right in front of their eyes.

We have hoped and prayed that the citizenry would rise up as one and say:


But it appears our hopes were in vain.
Apathy and greed have destroyed the citizenry's will,
to standup for themselves!

Those few optimistic individuals who still refuse to live in
reality, are saying no way, it can't happen.
But the CSA assures you,


If you are a regular follower of our blogs and Tweets,
this eventuality comes as no surprise to you.
You have made it this far, and have prepared for yourself and loved ones.
We simply cannot compete with the mass medias brainwashing of the citizenry.

Their grip on the minds of the "everyday citizen" is absolute and complete.
Nothing we do or say, can persuade them from their illusion of normalcy.

It would now appear that the total collapse of America is

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The ADL's al-Qaeda Operative Latest Video


ADL Undercover Operative

(Click for full view)

Deep cover Anti-Defamation League (ADL),
operative Adam "Yahiye" Pearlman (AKA Adam GadahnAl or Azzām al-Amrīki),
told the Meccachurian today that al-Qaeda may launch new attacks that will kill
more Americans than previous ones

Pearlman serves in this deep cover post at the leisure of Carl Pearlman,
his paternal grandfather who is on the Board of Directors of the ADL.
Incorrect intelligence had linked Pearlman to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
and many still believe this disinformation.

In his latest 24 minute video message,
Pearlman says that if you compared the number of dead Muslims,
"with the relatively small number of Americans we have killed so far,
it becomes crystal-clear that we haven't even begun to even the score
he says, dressed in a white robe and diaper-head turban.

"That's why next time,
we might not show the restraint and self-control we have shown up until now,
he said.

Even if al-Qaeda was defeated, "hundreds of millions of Muslims" would still
fight the U.S.
", he added.

Pearlman's statements are notable for their irreverent tone,
he describes the Meccachurian as,
"a devious, evasive and serpentine American president with a Muslim
name," and seems to delight in his failure
"You're no longer the popular man you once were, a year ago or so," he
states,ascribing his drop in popularity to the escalation of the U.S. wars

Pearlman asks the Meccachurian to, "cease all interference in the religion,
society, politics, economy and government of the Islamic world

At the time of the Meccachurian's illegal election,
many analysts said al-Qaeda was worried that his race and his Muslim faith
would make him more appealing to Muslims and Arabs angry at Bush's foreign

As-Sahab Media Production


Legitimate Demands [2] Barack's Dilemma
With Brother: Adam Yahiye Gadahn - Azzam al-Amrīki

Download Password Password


High Quality
323 MB

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Folly of the Meccachurian's Oil-Leak 'Fix'


The Folly of the Meccachurian's
Oil-Leak 'Fix'

A Harvard University study's estimates that
the per-gallon price of the Meccachurian's global-warming agenda will be


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The News Isn't All Bad!


The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
is a user-driven group of like-minded groups and individuals who are
dedicated to restoring the Constitutional Republic,
restoring the rights declared by our founding fathers, granted to us by
God above, and penned in the Bill of Rights,
the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the former United
States of America.
We believe in Limited Government, Free Speech, the Second Amendment, a Strong
Military, and Secure Borders.

The forces that oppose us may seem overwhelming at times,
but every now and then some scrap of information may cross our desks that show
us it's not all in vain.

For the "doubting Thomases", we give you:

Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove,
giving the Meccachurian an Approval Index rating of -20

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ALERT - Mexican Border States Have Gone to DELTA!




Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
members and affiliates have gone to:


The CSA units in these states are completely activated.
"Tier One" Operations Forces in these states are activated and OPSEC is mandatory!

The former United States has been officially invaded!
This is considered an act of WAR by any definition of the term!

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Red Phone has Rung!


She tried to warn America!
Did they listen?


Well, the "Red Phone" has rung!

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

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French Surrender Monkeys at it Again!


French Surrender Monkeys
at it Again!

Paris bans sausage/wine party over Muslim concerns

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization