Sunday, June 20, 2010

The ADL's al-Qaeda Operative Latest Video


ADL Undercover Operative

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Deep cover Anti-Defamation League (ADL),
operative Adam "Yahiye" Pearlman (AKA Adam GadahnAl or Azzām al-Amrīki),
told the Meccachurian today that al-Qaeda may launch new attacks that will kill
more Americans than previous ones

Pearlman serves in this deep cover post at the leisure of Carl Pearlman,
his paternal grandfather who is on the Board of Directors of the ADL.
Incorrect intelligence had linked Pearlman to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
and many still believe this disinformation.

In his latest 24 minute video message,
Pearlman says that if you compared the number of dead Muslims,
"with the relatively small number of Americans we have killed so far,
it becomes crystal-clear that we haven't even begun to even the score
he says, dressed in a white robe and diaper-head turban.

"That's why next time,
we might not show the restraint and self-control we have shown up until now,
he said.

Even if al-Qaeda was defeated, "hundreds of millions of Muslims" would still
fight the U.S.
", he added.

Pearlman's statements are notable for their irreverent tone,
he describes the Meccachurian as,
"a devious, evasive and serpentine American president with a Muslim
name," and seems to delight in his failure
"You're no longer the popular man you once were, a year ago or so," he
states,ascribing his drop in popularity to the escalation of the U.S. wars

Pearlman asks the Meccachurian to, "cease all interference in the religion,
society, politics, economy and government of the Islamic world

At the time of the Meccachurian's illegal election,
many analysts said al-Qaeda was worried that his race and his Muslim faith
would make him more appealing to Muslims and Arabs angry at Bush's foreign

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