Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comments on the FBI's Unsubstantiated Rumors

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Comments on the FBI's
Unsubstantiated Rumors

We've received several e-mails asking about the truth in the rumor that al-Qaeda
may be plotting a terrorist attack on the subway or other transit systems in New
York City during the holidays.

This apparent rumor started with a classified intelligence bulletin describing
the potential plot which was issued Nov. 25th by the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Their warning cannot be corroborated with any private Intelligence Analysts we
are in communication with.

The FBI and DHS bulletin says that they had "received a plausible but
unsubstantiated report" indicating that al-Qaeda terrorists in late September
may have discussed targeting transit systems in and around New York City.

Bill Carter, an FBI spokesman, said the report was issued "as a routine matter"
so local law-enforcement officials could make plans for the holiday season.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said additional police officers were being deployed
"out of an abundance of caution."

This type of unsubstantiated reporting is nothing more than fear mongering on
the part of the FBI and DHS.

Some insiders say that with their failure to release a warning concerning 9/11,
they will report any unsubstantiated claim to cover themselves should something

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The C.S.A.
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How Lessons From Fighting Pirates Could Improve the Battle Against al-Qaeda

Somali pirates don't consider themselves terrorists, but they share key similarities.

Somali pirates hijack ship, British guards escape

Ships held by Somali pirates

Germany to Deploy Up to 1,400 to Fight Pirates

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Friday, November 28, 2008

IMINT - India

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We've received our first e-mailed photos of the Islamic Assault on Bombay.

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The C.S.A.
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

We're sure you've seen the alerts by now,
that a 34-year-old Wal-Mart employee died after being trampled when
hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of the Long Island Valley Stream
store this morning.

What the mainstream media fails to discuss is the, "surging throngs of shoppers"
who trampled the young man to death was minorities.

Reading through several locations discussion forums on the articles, you will
notice that this is where the focus lies.

Our point being that if a certain class of individuals is wiling to kill for bargain prices,
can you imagine the chaos of a failure of the system?
Of course some will say it's racist to point out such a thing or at the least not politically correct.

Pointing out such items can lead to allegations from groups like the
Anti-Defamation League and other so-called "watch dog" groups.

As much as the liberals like to scream racism, we've never seen "surging throngs
of shoppers" at the local Banana Republic" store.

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Number 2 Spews More Venom

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Ayman al-Zawahri (al-Qaeda's deputy commander),
says in a new video release that the United States financial crisis was caused
by Washington's military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan and taxpayers are
paying the price.

"This crisis is one of ... the series of American economic hemorrhages after the
strikes of September 11th...

And these ... will continue as long as the foolish American policy of wading in
Muslim blood continues," Zawahri says on the video.

"The ones shouldering the burden are taxpayers, whose money was spent to rescue
senior capitalists and to protect the fraudulent interest-based system from
collapse," Zawahri says.

Asked by an off-camera interviewer whether Washington would be able to resolve
the crisis, Zawahri said: "They might be able to lighten their losses if they
were to stop the insane hemorrhaging of funds which they are spending on wars
against Muslims."

Zawahri said U.S. military action against militant tribal forces in Pakistan,
who are allied with al-Qaeda, would fail despite more troops being sent by
President George W. Bush to neighboring Afghanistan.

"I challenge you (Bush), if you are really a man, to send the entire American
army to Pakistan and the tribal regions for it to end up in hell," Zawahri says
on the video, which has English subtitles.

Calls for talks to end the war in Afghanistan showed the failure of U.S.-led
forces in defeating the Taliban, he said.

"All this is proof of the failure of their crusade," Zawahri said on the
80-minute video, referring to efforts to start a dialogue between the Afghan
government and some moderate figures from among Taliban insurgents.

With the Taliban insurgency spreading seven years after the hardline Islamists
were forced from power, the possibility of talks with more moderate Taliban
leaders is increasingly being considered, both in Afghanistan and among its

Zawahri called for a general strike in Egypt to pressure the government to open
the Gaza border to defeat an Israeli siege of the area ruled by militant
Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

"What is the problem if students, employees and workers were to refuse to study
and work until the siege is lifted on Gaza?" the Egyptian militant leader said.
"Are we unable to carry out such a peaceful strike?"

This video appears to have been made earlier than an audio message issued on
November 19th, in which Zawahri criticized U.S. Sheikh-elect Barack Hussein
Obama for vowing to back Israel during his campaign, and warned he would fail if
he follows the policies of Bush.

In the name of God the Merciful

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A meeting with. . .
Sheikh Hakim nation / Ayman al-Zawahri - God save --

Title: "Al-Azhar - The Lion's Den"

Password for all files

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Monday, November 24, 2008

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Goodbye Personal Freedoms and Rights

The C.S.A.
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With little fanfare or notice,
Grand High Sheikh-elect Obama's transition team has posted
the Meccachurians homeland security strategy online.

The portion that should interest Militias and patriot groups is:

"New Capabilities to Aggressively Defeat Terrorists: Improve the American
intelligenceapparatus by investing in its capacity to collect and analyze information,
share information with other agencies and carry out operations to disrupt terrorist

These "new capabilities" are not defined,
but we are told they will include the use of Triggerfish,
the use of Predator spy drones for remote reconnaissance and surveillance of
individuals vehicles and homes,
and Measures and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT).

(MASINT) is a highly classified form of intelligence,
that uses infrared sensors and other technologies to “sniff” into your home.
It allows the end user to “see” into your home to pinpoint your location,
and it also intercepts certain electro-magnetic activity.
This technology is now employed before "raids" after the debacle at Waco.

There is still some question on the use of Predator spy drones,
as they weren't allowed to fly in civilian airspace until 2006,
when the Federal Aviation Administration issued a certificate of authorization,
allowing Predators to fly in support of relief and humanitarian operations.
Somehow we expect that they'll classify persecuting Militias as a
"humanitarian effort".

You will notice that mention of al-Qaeda is mysteriously absent in this
Militias and Patriot groups will be defined as "terrorists",
this way the mainstream media can allow their spinmeisters to vilify these
groups images in the public eye.
With their images destroyed, they can be hunted down and destroyed.

With the personal freedoms and rights embodied in the Constitution destroyed,
the Grand High Sheikh can than have his "workers paradise" unopposed.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rumors - Recent Rumor Analysis

The C.S.A.
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

As we have been telling you,
our government appears to have decided to ignore the strict limitations of the
Constitution for the United States of America,
by allowing a foreign-born person to seize control of the Presidency.

Civil unrest has been expected since before the general elections.
In memo after memo forwarded to us, we see police departments telling officers to "have their riot equipment ready".
To quote one memo, "have ready the equipment you would not normally carry
with you on a normal day

Rumors of plots and counter-plots have been flying into our e-mails since the
general election.

One rumor seems to come out of the National Intel Report radio program in hour 2 of November 17th,
which claims that a "general mobilization" recalling to service all
non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, reserves, and retired officers back
to full service.

These rumors have been circulating ever since Sheikh Obama won the general
election and claim that the military is mobilizing for a possible coup.
We have received 20+ such claims.

The one definite thing we can report is that the people we communicate with in
the military are planning on leaving in droves,
by not re-enlisting and letting their current enlistments expire.

Other rumors have been circulating of "FALSE-FLAG EVENTS" in the Persian Gulf
and Middle East,
which are said to be caused to trigger an attack on Iran.
Given estimates of a date are said to be the 25th, 26th, and 27th of November.

This rumor seems to originate from KEN-WELCH.COM.

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