Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Personal Freedoms and Rights

The C.S.A.
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

With little fanfare or notice,
Grand High Sheikh-elect Obama's transition team has posted
the Meccachurians homeland security strategy online.

The portion that should interest Militias and patriot groups is:

"New Capabilities to Aggressively Defeat Terrorists: Improve the American
intelligenceapparatus by investing in its capacity to collect and analyze information,
share information with other agencies and carry out operations to disrupt terrorist

These "new capabilities" are not defined,
but we are told they will include the use of Triggerfish,
the use of Predator spy drones for remote reconnaissance and surveillance of
individuals vehicles and homes,
and Measures and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT).

(MASINT) is a highly classified form of intelligence,
that uses infrared sensors and other technologies to “sniff” into your home.
It allows the end user to “see” into your home to pinpoint your location,
and it also intercepts certain electro-magnetic activity.
This technology is now employed before "raids" after the debacle at Waco.

There is still some question on the use of Predator spy drones,
as they weren't allowed to fly in civilian airspace until 2006,
when the Federal Aviation Administration issued a certificate of authorization,
allowing Predators to fly in support of relief and humanitarian operations.
Somehow we expect that they'll classify persecuting Militias as a
"humanitarian effort".

You will notice that mention of al-Qaeda is mysteriously absent in this
Militias and Patriot groups will be defined as "terrorists",
this way the mainstream media can allow their spinmeisters to vilify these
groups images in the public eye.
With their images destroyed, they can be hunted down and destroyed.

With the personal freedoms and rights embodied in the Constitution destroyed,
the Grand High Sheikh can than have his "workers paradise" unopposed.

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