Monday, August 31, 2009

The CSA Colony Script

We have received numerous inquiries as to our thoughts on the
television show "The Colony"
As the show describes itself,
"the Colony is a controlled experiment to see exactly what it would take to
survive and rebuild under these circumstances.
For 10 weeks, a group of 10 volunteers, whose backgrounds and expertise
represent a cross-section of modern society,
are isolated in an urban environment outside Los Angeles and tasked with
creating a livable society

Since this is a "controlled experiment",
the basic "anything goes" tenet is tossed out the window since no matter how
immersed the participants get in the scenario,
the basic knowledge that all will be "back to normal in 10 weeks" is
still there.

Even with this shaky premise,
the producers have been able to toss in a couple of curveballs.
including the disappearance of a Colony member and the consequences of
neglecting security.

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance's (CSA's),
own writing staff has theorized the final episode and come up with a more
realistic ending.

A totalitarian regime has effectively taken control of Los Angeles.
Believe it or not, Andre is the legitimate owner of the warehouse.
Andre goes to the totalitarian regime and reports a group of vagrant squatters
on his property.
A hunter/killer team comprised of former LA SWAT members is sent down the LA
aqueduct to track down these dangerous extremist squatters.

The extremist squatters are tracked down to the warehouse
that is "The Colony".
2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS gas grenades) are tossed into the warehouse,
3 colony members are killed by gunfire as the hunter/killer team assaults the
Having no firearms "The Colony" is quickly overrun.
The decision to cannibalize the few shotgun shells that they did find into fireworks
has become a fatal one.
6 Colony members manage to escape to a nearby abandoned school in their escape
vehicle, and barricade themselves in.

The barricade is blown by the hunter/killer team.
The unarmed remaining 6 Colony members are easy prey.
After all 6 are tracked down and killed,
the hunter/killer team radios their headquarters.

"9 extremist squatters killed, property safe for owner."

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last Straw

The Last Straw

You have to hand it to the party of "change".
It is second to none in the "all terrorism all the time" department.
In a calculated move to stifle dissent and crush the vocal opposition to his
agenda, the usurper Barry Soetoro is pushing the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (S.773),
which would hand the usurper unlimited power to disconnect private-sector
computers from the Internet.

CNET reported August 28,
that the latest version of the bill would allow the usurper to 'declare a
cybersecurity emergency' relating to 'non-governmental' computer networks
and do what's necessary to respond to the threat."

As The New York Times revealed in June,
a former National Security Agency (NSA),
analyst described a secret database "code-named Pinwale,
that archived foreign and domestic e-mail messages."
The former analyst "described being trained in 2005 for a program in which the
agency routinely examined large volumes of Americans' e-mail messages without
court warrants. Two current intelligence officers have confirmed that the program is still in

By declaring a cybersecurity emergency if the bill is made law,
the usurper can order the shutdown of Internet traffic to and from any
site he chooses.
If the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 becomes law,
it will be the straw that breaks the camels back.
The Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities web
presence will virtually disappear overnight.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

$20 Trillion

We offer the following graphic for all the Obamanoids to ponder.
We doubt that it makes an impact with the totally brainwashed Ozombies,
but for the few who might have a brain cell left,

(Click for full size)

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RUMOT - Secession Laptops

A rumor is circulating of a formal "Declaration of Secession" sent to state
governors across the former United States on laptops.
The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
does know that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating at
least 4 cases of laptops sent to governors.

The FBI has not released what is on the laptops and the media is treating it as
a "Trojan Horse attack".
Until more information is forthcoming, we can only speculate.



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The Latest Spew From #2

Everyone's favorite former "emir" of the Egyptian Islamic
Jihad and al-Qaeda spokesman,Ayman al-Zawahiri called Thursday on Pakistanis to support jihadists in the country's tribal areas, saying it was "the" battle against the American "crusaders".

"The war in the tribal areas and Swat is an inseparable part of the
Crusaders' assault on the Muslims the length and breadth of the Islamic world,
" Zawahiri says.

"This is the battle, briefly and plainly; and this is why anyone who supports the Americans and Pakistan Army -- under any pretext, ploy or lie -- is in fact standing with,
backing and supporting the Crusaders against Islam and Muslims,
" he says.

This is the second recording from Ayman al-Zawahri this month, this recording comes after Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a missile strike on August 5th.

This shows the desperate situation that al-Qaeda is under.

Zawahiri calls upon the, "People of Pakistan ... back the jihad and
mujahideen with your persons, wealth, opinion, expertise, information and prayers and by exhorting others to help them and preach their message

To listen to the latest spew from #2, here you go.
The Video is in Arabic with English subtitles.

In the name of God the Merciful

As-Sahab Media Production


[The Path of Doom]
By Sheikh Hakim / Ayman al-Zawahiri, may God protect him

Password for Archive


High Quality - 329.6 MB

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pittsburgh Area Volunteers Needed

Be a Man Among Men!

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area amateur radio operators and scanner enthusiasts,
the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance Signals Intelligence Unit (CSASIU),
is looking for volunteers to monitor the Group of 20 (G-20) ;
economic summit September 24th and 25th at the David L. Lawrence Convention

The CSASIU is also looking for volunteers who are willing to provide Imagery
Intelligence (IMINT) of the summit.

You can contact the CSA securely by e-mailing us your RSA Public Pretty
Good Privacy (PGP) key.

The CSA has made FREE PGP resources
available along with our current RSA public PGP key at:

Send us your RSA public PGP key after you generate it.

You will receive an encrypted e-mail response with further instructions after we
receive your RSA PGP public key.


-... . / -- --- .-. . / - .... .- -. / .- / -.- . -.-- -... --- .- .-. -.. /
-.-. --- -- -- .- -. -.. ---

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The Storm is Ready to Strike in its Full Fury!

Different factions of the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen),
Militia and Survivalist communities are just as much disorganized as the federal

Usually differences in opinions and views cannot be disputed as some of the
factions cannot come to a consensus on issues.

What does this mean to the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist

It means instead of presenting a rational organized front,
they present a haphazard front easily torn apart by the enemies of a
Constitutional Republic.
The shame in this is that the separate factions of the Patriot
(Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities could be a viable political force if they
could work together.

What many fail to realize is that the everyday citizenry outnumbers the
"political class", but the everyday citizenry is allowing the "political class" to disarm them and
strip them of their rights to defend themselves against total slavery.

The (Connecticut Survivalist Alliance CSA) has always been fond of quoting
Theodore Roosevelt,the twenty-sixth President of the former United States, who said - "Americans only learn by disaster".

Over the course of the next few months,
stories and incidents of the H1N1 Swine Flu will dominate media coverage.
The CSA is already starting to see evidence of this.

Whether you believe in in FEMA camps, tainted vaccines or martial law.

The unabridged truth is probably stranger than fiction disseminated by agent
provocateurs or disinformation shills.

What the general public sees on television and reads in mainstream publications,
is with rare exception fantasy mixed with a few kernels of truth.
The disaster is coming, be it actually the H1N1 Swine Flu or an H1N1 scare generated by an oppressive government of "political elites",using it as an excuse to further its agenda.
We won't argue your personal ideologies as nothing we could say would dissuade
you in your convictions.

There is enough circumstantial evidence to point to a nefarious intent.
For the naive only a disaster will be enough to snap them out of their denial.
By the time this happens, it will be far too late for most.

The dice have been thrown,
will you lose and get "Snake Eyes" as we expect most of the general population
to get.
Or are you a "Natural" and prepared for what will most likely come.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CSASIU Monitoring Notification for NY Vigilant Guard 09


CSASIU Monitoring Notification

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance Signals Intelligence Unit (CSASIU),
will be monitoring the state of New York's participation in the full scale
portion of "Vigilant Guard 09", which will be held on November 1-6, 2009.

The preparations have already begun with a Regional Table Top Exercise (RTTE),
held in Buffalo, NY on August 12th.
A Leadership Table Top Exercise (LTTE),
will be held in Buffalo, NY on September 2nd, 2009 and which will be
followed by the six-day full scale exercise on November 1st-6th, 2009.

The full-scale exercise will be conducted at different locations in Erie County
and in New York City, and will involve local and military teams conducting search and rescue and
medical evacuation operations.

In addition, coordinated command post exercises will run at the Erie County
Emergency Operations Center in Cheektowaga, the state's Emergency Operations Center and the National Guard's Joint Operation Center in Albany.

The exercise is built around a simulated earthquake that strikes Western New
York, causing serious damage and injuries. Under the scenario, local emergency
responders will be quickly overwhelmed and civil authorities will seek military support.

More than 1,000 National Guard troops from New York,
Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and other states will be participating,
along with local, state, county and city emergency response units and

Supporting Intel

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maybe They Should Switch Focus

As we have reported before on the activities of the Cochise County Militia,
the media is portraying them as a destitute group of paupers.

While $219,000 in stimulus funding is spent on a Syracuse University sex study,
to find a scientific reason why there appears to be an increase in sexual
encounters between adolescent partners who have no expectation of romantic commitment.

Meanwhile a legitimate effort to curtail illegal immigrants and drug smugglers,
gets no grant money or stimulus funding.
One of our members suggests that the Cochise County Militia start a study of the
mating habits of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers,
and maybe then Washington will fund their efforts.


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