Monday, August 31, 2009

The CSA Colony Script

We have received numerous inquiries as to our thoughts on the
television show "The Colony"
As the show describes itself,
"the Colony is a controlled experiment to see exactly what it would take to
survive and rebuild under these circumstances.
For 10 weeks, a group of 10 volunteers, whose backgrounds and expertise
represent a cross-section of modern society,
are isolated in an urban environment outside Los Angeles and tasked with
creating a livable society

Since this is a "controlled experiment",
the basic "anything goes" tenet is tossed out the window since no matter how
immersed the participants get in the scenario,
the basic knowledge that all will be "back to normal in 10 weeks" is
still there.

Even with this shaky premise,
the producers have been able to toss in a couple of curveballs.
including the disappearance of a Colony member and the consequences of
neglecting security.

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance's (CSA's),
own writing staff has theorized the final episode and come up with a more
realistic ending.

A totalitarian regime has effectively taken control of Los Angeles.
Believe it or not, Andre is the legitimate owner of the warehouse.
Andre goes to the totalitarian regime and reports a group of vagrant squatters
on his property.
A hunter/killer team comprised of former LA SWAT members is sent down the LA
aqueduct to track down these dangerous extremist squatters.

The extremist squatters are tracked down to the warehouse
that is "The Colony".
2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS gas grenades) are tossed into the warehouse,
3 colony members are killed by gunfire as the hunter/killer team assaults the
Having no firearms "The Colony" is quickly overrun.
The decision to cannibalize the few shotgun shells that they did find into fireworks
has become a fatal one.
6 Colony members manage to escape to a nearby abandoned school in their escape
vehicle, and barricade themselves in.

The barricade is blown by the hunter/killer team.
The unarmed remaining 6 Colony members are easy prey.
After all 6 are tracked down and killed,
the hunter/killer team radios their headquarters.

"9 extremist squatters killed, property safe for owner."

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