Monday, August 24, 2009

RUMORS - Latest Rumors on Barry Soetoro

Requests for the latest rumors on Barry Soetoro have been
flooding in to the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),ntelligence desk, here's the latest.

As the CSA expected,
the carefully orchestrated and managed world of the usurper is starting to fall apart.

With dismal unemployment numbers and his sinking popularity due to the health care issue,
Barry is in hiding on Martha's Vineyard on a weeklong vacation.

Pleading for privacy,
Barry's aides have asked journalists not take pictures of the Soetoro's two young daughters.

There is also said to be ,a zero-tolerance policy in place for reporters using cellphones to call or text friends with the usurper’s latest movements on the island.

From what the CSA Intelligence unit has learned,
this directive has come directly from the Secret Service (SS),
which is worried about an ambush of Barry's motorcade since Martha's Vineyard
has relatively few roads, and it is far too easy to figure out which route Barry will take when
traveling on the island.

Several Massachusetts Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) operators are actively
monitoring the island for known and unknown SS transmissions.
Security was tightened so much that the public and press were
barred from the Martha’s Vineyard Airport Airport on his arrival.

With more and more negative comedy videos and stories
appearing, this "vacation" is an attempt to remove Barry from the spotlight.

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