Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Victim of Misinformation and Disinformation

The Intelligence Unit was asked to look into the Nancy Genovese matter,
by several members along the Connecticut shoreline.

Nancy Genovese was charge with trespassing after Deputy Sheriff Robert Carlock,
found a shotgun with about 250 shells, and an XM-15 rifle with 500 rounds of ammunition, in the front seat of her car, parked just outside the grounds of the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard (ANG), in Westhampton Beach, NY.

ANG security called the Suffolk County sheriffs' office,
to report that a woman was "taking pictures of both the air base and
surrounding airport property".

Genovese had been seen at the air field taking pictures on previous occasions
over the past few weeks, and on one of those prior occasions, "She had wandered on the property, looking around, and was approached by staff at the ANG,"
and was warned to stay away, said Undersheriff Joseph T. Caracappa.
"She was asking them about containers on the property,
and they said, 'We can't tell you that,' and asked her to leave." he also
When asked what she was doing this time, she replied, "Nothing."

The Suffolk County sheriffs' office claims that Genovese's actions during her
arrest and during her arraignment appeared somewhat erratic, Undersheriff Joseph T. Caracappa said that Genovese underwent a psychiatric
evaluation while at the Suffolk County jail.

The media is portraying Genovese as a divorced, unemployed mother of three,
and a "GUN NUT".

Genovese has no known record of criminal behavior,
and is not listed on any security watch lists.
At first glance she would appear to be an everyday citizen.

A search of her MySpace blog reveals that she is an avid follower of Alex Jones.
The blog has been summarily set to private, but a cache is available
Her own comments of,

"tell Alex Jones I said thank you and may I have a copy of the show
that he did me the honor of presenting my story to the world
also reveal this.

In other words,
she is another victim of the select misinformation and disinformation campaign
perpetuated by Alex Jones.
The scary part is there are still people out there that think Alex Jones is a
friend to the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen),
Militia and Survivalist communities.

We have tried to show individuals his subterfuge,
and are still awaiting a valid explanation from Infowars.

The persecution complex Alex Jones inspires in those foolish enough to follow
him can be seen in this MySpace bulletin sent out by Nancy Genovese.

From: Genovese -Μολών Λaβέ ! (79614513)

I was abused, bruised, called a right wing extremist, the COs (correctional
officers) at the jail kept telling me I am guilty. They believed me to be a
terrorist. 99.9% of them were awful.

They would not allow me any visitors, all were turned away. Even my sons and
Bail Bondsman. I was laughed at by the COs, non stop, I received non stop abuse
from them, mental and physical, 24/7, except for maybe 6 COs, which were very
kind. They put me in isolation. They LIED about my mental health.

Also, very important, I injured my ankle, Thursday AM, at home, taken into
custody Thursday night 1130 PM, I was denied antibiotics and now am in danger of
loosing my leg as infection has moved in. Its bleeding under the skin and the
COs would not help me. They did take me to the ER Thurs night, antibiotics were
prescribed. I received 1 late Sat Night.

Court is Friday in Southampton Justice court, 116 Hampton Road, Southampton NY,
11968. I need to get a good lawyer.

MY guns were in proper order, and registered. Look at, Long Island, newsday, NY
yesterday. So my county, Suffolk County NY is charging me for lack of better
charges to suit them, with trespassing on county property. I was in my car, I
was on a public county road.

Please forward to Alex Jones and post, and repost in bulletins. Tell Alex Jones
I said thank you and may I have a copy of the show that he did me the honor of
presenting my story to the world.

Love ya!
Nancy Genovese
ps, pc is acting up

This arrest is not a weapons issue,
it's of an individual foolish enough to believe Alex Jones's select
misinformation and disinformation,

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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