Sunday, August 9, 2009

The circumstantial evidence points to an evil intent

Unless you're already hunkered down in your bunker
or like many individuals have given upon television and radio news,
you've heard about the latest indiscretion of the Obama Administration.
The Meccachurian Führer is compiling a list of "enemies".

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),

has undoubtedly made der Führer's enemies list because the Department of
Homeland Security (DHS),
sent out a bulletin that veterans,
along with those who held close to their beliefs by clinging to God and guns,
were a danger to the former United States of America.

Most of the individuals who visit our various sites are surely on the der
Führer's enemies list also.
We find that the compiling of an enemies list is very hypocritical of the Obama Administration.
If any Patriot, Militia or Survivalist group announced that they were compiling an "enemies" list,
the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), DHS and the Secret Service
would be raiding these individuals as dangerous domestic terrorists.

Their attempt to form a communist-style citizen watch of informants,
has the potential to explode in their faces.
Will it be enough to finally shock some individuals out of their comatose zombie state?
We highly doubt it.

The general population will tolerate almost anything der Führer tosses at them
as long as their "comfort levels" are sustained.
As we are fond of quoting Theodore Roosevelt,
the twenty-sixth President of the former United States,
who said - "Americans only learn by disaster".

A disaster that causes any interruption of food or power for any period of time
will create riots in the streets.
Society is so fragile, so dependent on the interworking of things to provide
goods and services
that its eventual downfall is inevitable.

The question to ask yourself is, "what will be the straw that breaks the camels back"?
The general population has tolerated so much already.

There is nothing we can say that will shock them out of their comatose zombie state.
The Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities
are portrayed as right wing racist rednecks for having the gall to question or
doubt the Meccachurian Führer.

When he is done compiling his "enemies" list, what's the next step?

Internment and resettlement into a Meccachurian re-education camp?

Will citizens be conveniently killed while in quarantine by swine flu during
their internment?

Will Patriots, Militia members and Survivalists be rounded up as domestic terrorists?

Will a charismatic leader emerge in the Military to lead them
to revolt?

Will the Military fight against the citizenry?

These are just a few of the questions that can be asked.
The amount of speculation is disconcerting.
No group or individual has the whole story,
except for the Meccachurian and his minions.
His actions could be naive incompetence,
or as the CSA suspects,
a systematic destruction of the former United States.

We can only tell you to watch the signs.
The circumstantial evidence points to an evil intent.

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