Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama Needs More Stormtroopers

Warren T. Bamford, the special agent in charge of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI), field office in Boston (who is a 23 year veteran of the FBI and was a sniper on the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team), wants to arm Boston police officers with semi-automatic assault rifles.

Under the guise of "protecting Boston from terrorists",
Bamford wants to militarize the police to fend off terrorist attacks.
Bamford admits that “there’s no imminent threats”,
but his "good" intentions have nothing to do with a Mumbai, India style
terrorist attack.

Police militarization is a troubling trend that’s been on the rise under the
Obama administration.
This is not due to the potential possibility of combating intolerant Islamic
zealots in the streets, but the almost certain possibility of combating their own citizens.

Military-grade semi-automatic weapons, armored personnel vehicles, tanks,
helicopters, airplanes, and all manner of other equipment designed for use on the battlefield is now
being used on our streets, against all of us..

Minions of Obama, like Warren T. Bamford are pushing for their "Dark Lords"
agenda, we can only point out their deceptions until the point at which we are


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