Monday, August 10, 2009

Technology is a "double-edged sword"

Technology is a "double-edged sword" to those of us in the Patriot
(Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities.
On the plus side encryption technologies allow us to have secure communications
with like minded individuals nationwide.

By staying several steps ahead of those who seek to rob us of our personal freedoms,
and those who would kill us because we don't believe exactly like they do,
we gain a tactical advantage.

On the negative side, technology has made the general population complacent
apathetic cattle.
They are slaves to technology,
the skills and techniques of their forefathers are mere genetic memories in most cases.
A classic example of being a slave to technology,
was recently illustrated in the case of an
11-year-Old Boy and his mother who were stranded in Death Valley.

Most of the general population are slaves to a lesser degree.
These are the individuals who work 9-5 jobs and come home to their "comfort zones",
and believe whatever agenda the mainstream media is pushing on television
that night.

They believe that the corrupt and greedy individuals in Washington, DC really
have their best interests at heart.

As long as the Meccachurian and his minions can provide their basic "comfort zones",
they will do nothing to upset the "status quo".

Their civil liberties can be stripped away in the name of national security.
Any opposing voices can be dismissed as rednecks and racists.
Your wealth can be redistributed in the name of social justice.

A recent participant in Vibrant Response 2009 tells us that the federal
government is feeling overwhelmed by their lack of capability.
Even the Government Accountability Office (GAO),
has issued a report
that leads to the general conclusion that the chemical, biological,
radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosives (CBRNE),
Consequence Management Response Force's (CCMRF's),
"lack sufficient capacity in some capabilities".

Some may say that this is double speak for an excuse to increase the amount of
They could be right but through the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance's (CSA's),
own monitoring efforts we can tell you that the government is woefully
unequipped to handle technically savvy individuals and groups.
and could not handle a large or multiple CBRNE event.

As a participant in Vibrant Response 2009 told us,
the best description he could provide was "clusterfuck".
The time is short before the Meccachurian gets his house in order.
The complacent apathetic general population should be chalked up as a lost

Just as the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776
were few in number,
it will be small groups of individuals who will initiate the next revolution and
are dedicated to the return of the Constitutional Republic.

Being a Patriot or belonging to a Militia is NOT a part time position.
It is much more than calling your local members of Congress to express your
It is much more than putting up "JOKER" Obama posters.
It is much more than putting out bulletins telling people to "WAKE UP".

Bulletins do NOT reach the complacent apathetic general population,
you are essentially only reaching those who are of like mind already.
Don't be a slave to technology,
you're going to have to get out of the house on this one.

To those who know!

L°¤¨,Us H3‚ZêÓWŽ &S´ºßWÆdžõmÐJ‰§&_

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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