Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Policy Change

After careful scrutiny and review of available legal documentation by the
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) publishing staff,
we have set forth these new guidelines:

A. There is no such individual as Barack "Hussein" Obama,
by all available legal documentation the individual calling himself Barack
"Hussein" Obama is in reality called "Barry Soetoro",
and is an Indonesian citizen as the law of Indonesia does not allow for
dual citizenship.

Since no valid birth certificate has ever been made publicly available,
and the birth certificate posted on the Barack "Hussein" Obama website has been
proven a forgery made by Joe McKinnon
(a self described Department of Homeland Security (DHS) trained document specialist),
the CSA publishing Staff will now only refer to the individual known as "Barack
"Hussein" Obama" as "Barry Soetoro".

1. No real birth certificate.
2. No legal change of name.
3. No proof of legal repatriation (If he was ever a legal citizen)

Since Constitutionally, no one can hold the office of president unless he/she is
a natural born citizen we still maintain that "Barry Soetoro" is not eligible.

As far as the CSA is concerned his real identity is:
Barry Soetoro, a legal citizen of Indonesia.

B. Since Barry Soetoro's legal Indonesian school records list his religion as "Islam"'
and there is no baptism record or certificate of "conversion" to
Christianity for Barry Soetoro or a "Barack "Hussein" Obama" ,
we make the following conclusion.

According to all available religious documentation Barry Soetoro's native
religion is Islam, and since Islam does not allow the "conversion" to any other religion,
Barry Soetoro remains a Muslim.

In regards to this matter the CSA publishing Staff will now only refer to Barry
Soetoro as:

Sheikh or Meccachurian

All member or guest articles will be edited to reflect these new policies.
All submissions for the WebBot on the
CSA Google Discussion Group will also be
edited to reflect these new policies.

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