Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smoldering Death or Arson Fires?


Detroit is trying to put a politically correct spin on it's traditional Devil's Night,
by calling it Angel's night.

Arson strikes Detroit hard every October because there are no shortages of
buildings to burn.
With Obamanomics the amount of derelict structures has increased exponentially,
and preventing fires is almost an impossible task.

Detroit with it's corrupt officials,
is probably better off going up in arson flames,
rather then endure the smoldering death brought upon the city,
by these corrupt officials.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween,

from all of us at the CSA.

Salutations and greetings to our folk,

who celebrate the Night of the Specters





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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conjuring Up Ghosts for Halloween?


As-Sahab Media Productions (al-Qaeda’s propaganda unit),
released a video featuring a boring lengthy sermon by Abu Yahya al-Libi.
Most of it is pretty standard al-Qaeda religious rhetoric.

But towards the end,
the video is deliberately blurred as the camera closes in on the assembled crowd
hugging and congratulating al-Libi.
One of those fuzzy well-wishers, some in the media are saying,
bears a striking resemblance to one Osama Bin Laden.

If this is all the media needs to get a "woody" nowadays,
it's no wonder that this once great country is in such a dismal state.
It's surprising they haven't claimed it's Jim Morrison.

In the name of God the Merciful

As-Sahab Media Production


[Eid al-Fitr sermon October 1430]

Sheikh Mujahid / Abu Yahya al-Libi may God protect him

RAR Password: asdfhoiweyia7yeiuhraefrf478as

(Hactivists have been quite busy, many of the links are already dead Researchers needing a copy if you can't find it, feel free to mail us)

645 MB

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Abusive Snitches


Unless you've been holed up in your survival retreat for the last nine months with no outside contact, you've seen Barack "Hussein" Obama partially create his Orwellian Big Brotherish dream state.

Contrary to what politicians and law enforcement assert, individuals ARE being asked to "spy" on their neighbors, friends and co-workers.
The assertion that they’re simply asking individuals to report suspicious activity is hollow at best.

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) ,
has written on the subject of SWATTING before,
incidents are on the rise.

Groups or individuals with a petty egos and a grudge,
rival drug cartels, rival gangs and small minded religious deviants that think
THEIR way is the ONLY way.

Those abusing this Orwellian Big Brotherish dream state to their own ends is
In a "land of he/she said",
it's quickly becoming a "guilty until proven innocent" fascist state.

Like an ice sculpture,
individuals rights and freedoms are being chipped away one by one.

Do they care?


Their basic comfort levels are still being provided,
and "big brother" is dangling the juicy health care carrot in front of them.

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

Benjamin Franklin

Actual Soviet Style 'Snitch' Poster On Washington, D.C. Commuter Train

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

The CSA TIP Line


Now that the Grand High Sheikh has declared a formal state of
emergency due to the H1N1 flu in the former United States.

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) is expecting more and more
"incidents" to occur.

The CSA has opened our Trouble Identification Phone line (TIP) line to

You can leave the Intelligence Unit your eye witness reports or rumors for
tracking or verification.

You may submit anonymously or use your handle, state your preference.


Items of Interest:


Military/State police roadblocks

Military Exercises and movements

Military air traffic

COMINT or SIGINT (Captures can be e-mailed to:

and anything else you observe out of the ordinary.

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

Monday, October 26, 2009

Optimistic Bastards Aren't They?


Optimistic Bastards Aren't They?

Since the DOW closed at 9,867.96, down 104.22 points,
we can only wonder if they will now issue "DOW 10,000 3.0" baseball caps?
But then again, with the Meccachurian in office they can expect it to rise and fall weekly.

Can you say "DOW 10,000 10.0"?

But is the Meccachurian concerned?


he just hits the golf course as your sons and daughters die in Afghanistan.
It's no wonder that morale has dipped among the military,
carrying out a mission that the Meccachurian will not support them in.

Troops are asking themselves, "is our sacrifice in vain"?

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cough It Up You Dirty Kuffars!


Cough It Up You Dirty Kuffars!

The creation of a new multi-million-dollar technology fund for Muslim nations,is an obvious attempt to reward these Muslim nations for taking up jihad against the West.

Radical Islamic websites are praising the Meccachurian for taking money from the
dirty kuffars and giving it to "more deserving Muslims".

Consider the irony: the "leader of the so-called free world" paying radical
fundamentalists, sworn to destroy Western culture and beliefs.
Consider it as paying the hitmen hired to kill you.

For those who wondered why the Meccachurian is procrastinating on sending more
troops to Afghanistan, this should give you that missing puzzle piece.

Meccachurian offers millions in Muslim technology fund

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dying for the Meccachurian


On Aug. 30,
General Stanley A. McChrystal warned in an assessment sent to the Pentagon that
the war in Afghanistan could be lost unless the U.S. sent more combat troops to
the country.

The Meccachurian did little about the general's assessment until it was leaked
to the public.
This led to a Sept. 30 situation-room meeting—the first of five on Gen.
McChrystal's report.

Meanwhile, the Meccachurian's administration has made winning the war harder by
mismanaging the U.S.'s relationship with the Afghan government.
Barry refused to take a call from Afghan President Hamid Karzai after his recent
disputed election, a confidante to Mr. Karzai has leaked.

So the troops currently in Afghanistan are dying for the usurping Meccachurian
with little or no hope of reinforcement.
When will the military say enough is enough?

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Say NO to Net Neutrality!


There may be a reorganization of the Connecticut Survivalist
Alliance (CSA),web presence if the federal “Hate Crimes” bill,
becomes law and the issue of "Net Neutrality" and the Internet censorship it
will create comes to pass.

Please, Contact the FCC, and flood their
system letting them know the opposition to their plans.

If we are forced to make changes, an advisory will be sent out on all mediums.

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization