Tuesday, October 6, 2009



The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
has watched with amusement the misinformation,
disinformation and undue paranoia surrounding the entity known as the American
Police Force (APF), that was contracted to take over operation of a never-used jail in the
town of Hardin, Montana.

Most of the speculation and disinformation was supplied by the agent provocateur Alex Jones,
showing the level of devotion his misguided followers have to this profiteering informant.

Exactly as the CSA stated,
the front men for the APF, MIchael Hilton,
has a criminal record in California, and that the one company vehicle that
showed up in Hardin was displaying a crest stolen from the state flag of Serbia.

To try and save his SCAM, MIchael Hilton has changed the company name from,
American Police Force to American Private Police Force.
They have also stopped using the state flag of Serbia crest,
and are now using a crest apparently taken from a blue vector pack.
(See above)

In this continuing scam,
no one seemed to be able to say what the company would be doing at the jail or,
where it would get prisoners to fill it.
All of which was enough to finally get the Montana attorney general to begin
looking into the deal.

Now it appears that the whole scam is beginning to unravel.
Greg Smith, the executive director of Two Rivers Authority (TRA),
the Hardin economic development arm that signed the original deal,
has now resigned reports the Billings Gazette.
No reason was given for his departure.
The TRA lawyer who structured the deal is also being replaced.

"We won't move forward," says Gary Arneson, president of the TRA,
which owns the jail. "I don't think any of us want to be on the chopping

In another twist,
the AP reports that an international security executive that local officials
were told would run the jail,
says that's not true, that he only had cursory conversations with Hilton about
the position.

As for Hilton,
the the San Jose Mercury News reports that a California judge has ordered him to appear in court later this month over an outstanding judgment in a fraud lawsuit. Stay tuned.


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