Friday, October 2, 2009

Faux Tears From Faux News Host Glenn Beck

Faux Tears From Faux News Host Glenn Beck

We have been warning of well-paid disinformation artists or entertainers if you
prefer that term for a period of time now.
Many could see the blatant attempts by these entertainers to misdirect the
Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen) community away from the far more serious Militia and
Survivalist communities.

Glenn Beck has made his opinion of Militias quite clear.

We took some flak for questioning the integrity of the likes of Alex Jones and
Glenn Beck who have a devoted but misguided following.
We have spoken of Glenn Beck's crocodile tears before, and his faithful sent us e-mail, "Glenn is a great man and his tears are real!"

In response, all we can say is we told you so.

In this video posted to YouTube a few weeks ago,
it clearly shows Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck having Vicks applied under his eyes in order to cry on cue for a photo shoot.

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