Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dying for the Meccachurian


On Aug. 30,
General Stanley A. McChrystal warned in an assessment sent to the Pentagon that
the war in Afghanistan could be lost unless the U.S. sent more combat troops to
the country.

The Meccachurian did little about the general's assessment until it was leaked
to the public.
This led to a Sept. 30 situation-room meeting—the first of five on Gen.
McChrystal's report.

Meanwhile, the Meccachurian's administration has made winning the war harder by
mismanaging the U.S.'s relationship with the Afghan government.
Barry refused to take a call from Afghan President Hamid Karzai after his recent
disputed election, a confidante to Mr. Karzai has leaked.

So the troops currently in Afghanistan are dying for the usurping Meccachurian
with little or no hope of reinforcement.
When will the military say enough is enough?

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