Friday, October 9, 2009

When Will the Military say ENOUGH?

Insiders in the Meccachurian’s administration have told the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
that the general conclusion of his administration is that “the Taliban cannot be eliminated as a political or military movement”.

An article in the Washington Post yesterday,
cites the administrations re-vamped goal of mitigating a Taliban capacity
to interfere in the establishment of a stable Afghan government, while assuring us that al-Qaeda is the primary threat, and his strategy will focus squarely on eradicating them.

CSA military sources tell us that the grim assessment by General Stanley A.
McChrystal includes three different options,
with the largest option including a request for more than 60,000 troops.
We tend to believe this because it has also been reported by the Wall Street
Journal and ABC news.

Now we are also willing to bet that the Meccachurian will NOT heed
the assessment of his handpicked commander.
Now that the ultra-liberal five-member Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the
Meccachurian the peace prize,
we are 99.9% sure he won't.

As the Meccachurian contemplates a move to save face,
more troops will die due to his indecision.
His claims that the Taliban is not a threat are ludicrous,
the Taliban takes great delight in killing the soldiers of the former United States.

The military situation is going to degenerate at an accelerated pace by the end
of the year.

We hope we're wrong, but all indications are we're not.

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