Monday, October 26, 2009

Optimistic Bastards Aren't They?


Optimistic Bastards Aren't They?

Since the DOW closed at 9,867.96, down 104.22 points,
we can only wonder if they will now issue "DOW 10,000 3.0" baseball caps?
But then again, with the Meccachurian in office they can expect it to rise and fall weekly.

Can you say "DOW 10,000 10.0"?

But is the Meccachurian concerned?


he just hits the golf course as your sons and daughters die in Afghanistan.
It's no wonder that morale has dipped among the military,
carrying out a mission that the Meccachurian will not support them in.

Troops are asking themselves, "is our sacrifice in vain"?

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