Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Hardin SCAM is Over!

The Hardin SCAM is Over!

Just as the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) had envisioned,
the scam by the bogus entity called the American Police Force (now renamed the American Private Police Force), and its ex-convict front man Michael Hilton is over.

Becky Shay, spokeswoman for the bogus company,
said Friday the deal with Hardin, Montana to take over operation of a never-used
jail had "gone sour" ,
after it was revealed that Michael Hilton was a known swindler.

She Still insists that American Private Police Force's intentions had been
honest. "Two Rivers deserves a considerably less-controversial partner,"
she said of Hardin's economic development agency,
which owns the 464-bed jail.
"There was never any fraudulent intention."

As the CSA has previously reported,
Michael Hilton has a history of fraud and theft dating back to at least 1988.
He has spent time in prison in California and has $1.1 million in outstanding
civil judgments against him.


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