Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Let Up!

What are the weapons that are working against the Meccachurian
Barack "Hussein" Obama?

The answer: humor and satire.

In the mainstream media, saying anything light about Obama is taboo.
Barack "Hussein" Obama is failing as President and the mainstream media will not
print or air the truth.
Many feel that he is NOT even constitutionally eligible,
and will NOT accept him as President,
until he provides certified proof he is eligible.

The media has created the illusion of untouchability while Obama's agenda to
"remake" America (his word)",
from an independent republic of freedom-loving, self-reliant citizens into
a Euro-socialist nanny state.

Try as they might to portray those of us in the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen),
Militia and Survivalist communities as racists and extremists,
they are beginning to understand that it is mainstream citizens,
that are organizing "tea parties" and tax protests and other expressions
of populist outrage.

Mainstream citizens have started to realize that for all of Obama's talk of
"transparency" and "accountability,"
his administration is creating the conditions for a level of political sleaze,
corruption and back-room wheeling-and-dealing far worse than anything
Washington, D.C. has seen in a very long time.

Obama's inexperience and total inability to understand military matters is all
the gossip talk in the Pentagon.
He’s acting as if Afghanistan is the "cure all".
His inaction in responding to Gen. McChrystal's call for reinforcements has already resulted in the deaths of 43 troops.

Obama's crusade to replace private healthcare with a government-run system,
that will empower federal bureaucrats to make life-and-death decisions
about your medical care, and that will put all your private medical records in a government
database is F'd up.
(don't worry, they promise never to use them to harm you)

So don't let up,
the citizenry won't "head to the hills" for a revolution,
but as the polls show the sudden and dramatic erosion in Obama's approval
ratings, they show a steeper, and even faster decline in support for his neo-socialist

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