Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RUMOR - 11th of October 2009

Anyone who knows individuals who are rumored to be in the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA), knows we are not fans of individual dates.
Groups or individuals that pick dates end up with egg on their face 98% of the time.
The CSA passes along this rumor as a "so you know" type of factoid.

Pastor Vincent Xavier (who some call a false prophet),
warns that an event larger and far more devastating than 9/11 is going to occur
in the "Heart of America", which is Washington, D.C. on the 11th of October 2009.
The event will be a nuclear bomb detonating in D.C., and will have far reaching
global consequences.

One interesting factoid was that the History Channel aired "Day After Disaster" last night which was billed as:

"Against a morning sky, a mushroom cloud spirals heavenward. A nuclear bomb has
detonated in the heart of Washington D.C., incinerating 15,000 residents in just
15 seconds. More than 50% of the population living within a 1/2 mile radius of
the explosion is either dead or severely injured. The next 24 hours will
determine whether the rest of the city lives or dies. To survive this horrific
ordeal they will need a plan. And lucky for us--there is one. But will it work?
For the first time on television, the Department of Homeland Security reveals
the most detailed and comprehensive plan to save America should terrorists go
nuclear. This chilling two-hour special delves into the complex and highly
secretive world of disaster planning.

The show will re-air Sunday, October 4th at 6:00 PM EST.

Another interesting factoid is that he mentions the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA's) moving their offices to Colorado.

This statement is partially correct.

Back on May 6, 2005 in the Washington Post,
it was reported that the CIA planned to relocate their domestic division
headquarters to Denver.

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