Friday, September 11, 2009

Call Them Entertainers - NOT PATRIOTS!

Several of us were reviewing materials sent to the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA),
on Glenn Beck and Alex Jones and their collusions with law enforcement agencies.

Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are NOT PATRIOTS.
They are well-paid disinformation artists or entertainers if you prefer that term.
They are NOT now or have EVER been allies to the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen),
Militia and Survivalist communities.

If you need examples,
look at use of the CSA's Vibrant Response 2009 Info/Rumors blog posting.
When we tried to expand on some comments,
Alex Jones handlers didn't want the information revealed and censored our comments.

Several individuals on MySpace read about the censorship and tried to post the
information themselves with the same results.

Glenn Beck has made his collusion even more apparent with his stated opinion of
Militias as seen in this video.

His crocodile tear performances are the stuff of legend.

Unfortunately there are many newer individuals who can't understand when they're being ENTERTAINED.

As we have said before,

what the public sees on television, hears on the radio
and reads in mainstream publications,
is with rare exception fantasy mixed with a few kernels of truth.

Militias, Patriots and Survivalists don't charge you for information (there is
the exception to cover costs
), and do not expect to make an enormous amount of
money off the sale of books and videos.
Those that do are "profiteering gluttons".

Militias, Patriots and Survivalists don't have nationally syndicated radio shows.
We don't do personal appearances, book signings and comedy tours.
We aren't concerned with listener ratings and advertising revenues.

If you want to listen to and watch an ENTERTAINER.
Do so, just don't try to tell us they're a Patriot!

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