Monday, September 14, 2009

The "Pied Piper of Washington, D.C." is at it again.

The "Pied Piper of Washington, D.C." is at it again.

Having the mainstream media giving little or NO coverage of the
9/12 march in Washington, D.C., that had an estimated crowd of anywhere from 50,000 to 2 million, depending on whose information you listen too.
The true attendance will probably never be known.
as the capital police refuses to release crowd number estimates.

Here is a video and some photos,
make your own estimate.

We read in one commentary that "America Spoke".
The only problem with the citizenry speaking is no one was listening!
It would seem that the revolutionary ideals of our forefathers went out the window when the television came in.

Swayed by "entertainers" to take passive approaches to clearly visible
injustices, these " entertainers" know full well that very little, if anything, is going to change in Washington, D.C. because they perpetuate the problem by distracting the populace.

And, much to no one's surprise, instead of getting better, it's getting worse in

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