Sunday, September 27, 2009

Facta Non Verba

As we prefer to call them,
the Muslim Terrorist Advisory Committee or as they like to call themselves,
the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC),
and the the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC),
is advising Muslims amd Arabs of "their rights".

These are:

The right not to answer questions without the presence of an attorney.
The ADC and MPAC highly recommend that individuals not participate in any
interviews without an attorney.

That the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
and law enforcement agencies cannot threaten to take away an individuals
green card or otherwise interfere with their immigration status.

The MPAC claims that it urge its constituents to extend full cooperation to
protect the innocent, to support the rule of law, and to keep the name of Islam clean and clear from
any criminal behavior.

The ADC says it condemns the actions of those who would attack our country or
any innocent civilians.

Their words would seem to be those of law abiding social organizations,
yet their actions are those of terrorist collaborators and a terrorist support
We don't need hollow words, we need real condemnation of Muslim terrorists by
individuals who actually hold sway in the Muslim community,
not double speak by fake peaceful Muslim organizations.


A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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