Monday, September 28, 2009

Commentary From the Command Unit


Commentary From the Command Unit

As the former United States slips further into the quagmire of despair and self destruction, the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) is seeing an increase in what can only be called passive activism.

There is nothing wrong with this passive approach,
but those involved in it should know full well that very little, if anything, is
going to change in our former nation's capital.

And, it should come as no real surprise that instead of getting better,
it's only getting worse in Washington, D.C. with their passive efforts.

As we have always liked quoting Theodore Roosevelt,
the twenty-sixth President of the former United States, who said,

"Americans only learn by disaster".

What will this disaster be?

There are various scenarios.

A nuclear or "dirty bomb" attack on a single city or multiple cities.
Conventional or improvised explosive attack on a single city or multiple cities.
Biological or chemical attack on a single city or multiple cities.
Earthquake or other natural disaster. (volcano, hurricane, tsunami)
An economic collapse resulting in civil disorder and food shortages.

These are just a few examples without going into the more esoteric.
Depending on your political ideology, these can vary greatly.

Only if a "disaster" occurs, will the cycle of inaction be broken.
The government is doing everything in its power to extend their period of
We had one person ask, "why don't the jobless rise up?".
With the amount of unemployment benefits and renewed talk of extending it,
what incentive is there for the jobless to rise up against their handout

Everything is being done to pacify those segments of society that could be
viewed as a threat.
Those segments that can't be pacified are portrayed as racists or "domestic

The liberal elite political class and the left-leaning affluent social class
view those attending Tea Parties and Patriot Rally's as nothing more than
insignificant gnats.

The liberal elite political class and the left-leaning affluent social class,
are banking on the apathy of the worker class as they like to label those
"beneath" them.

They will happily toss a few scraps from their table as long as it allows them
to maintain control of the "little people".
By tossing the "little people" a few scraps, they are convinced that the Tea
Parties and Patriot Rally's will be a small footnote in the annals of history.

Modern society has become a self centered culture,
with individuals only concerned with their own wants and needs.
This self centered culture will only act if their comfort zones are disrupted,
they have little regard for anything that doesn't add to their personal

They have sold their freedoms and the freedoms of those rare individuals who can
see beyond the smoke and mirrors,
all for empty promises and a few scraps.
In plain English, you can call it "Obamacide".

Petitions, Protests and Rally's cannot save what was the United States.
The CSA will have to agree with Theodore Roosevelt,

"Americans only learn by disaster".

"Times Square 2012 - Courtesy of Obama"

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