Thursday, September 17, 2009

RUMOR - Everything's Building to the 25th!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's

 Director Robert Mueller says there's no imminent danger stemming from the
case that led authorities to search New York City apartments for explosives and
possible links to al-Qaida.

Rumor has it that the FBI is fearful of a Madrid-style subway train bombing.

The suspected plot was to blow up several subway locations simultaneously and
kill as many people as possible,

 or stagger the explosions to kill first responders.

By released information, the FBI hasn't recovered any explosives.

The FBI had been monitoring the former Queens resident who now lives in Denver,
Najibullah Zazi,

and apparently became alarmed when he rented a car to drive from Denver to

The New York Daily News is

that the FBI Hostage Rescue Team is is poised to make more
anti-terror raids in Queen.

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance's (CSA's) FBI source could neither confirm
or deny this.

We do know subway security has been elevated.

 and the Protection Condition (PROTCON)'

 of New York's National Guard Task Force, "Empire Shield" has been raised.

The New York City chapter of the CSA has issued a subway avoidance alert for
Friday, September 25th, 2009.

They cite possible subway attacks coinciding with the "Jummah
Prayer on Capital Hill
" to incite

anti-Muslim sentiment that can be broadcast in Muslim countries as Muslim

The CSA has already issued a travel advisory for Washington, D.C. for September
23rd-28th, 2009.

and is now issuing a travel advisory for ALL airplanes, trains,
buses and subways for September 25th.


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