Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh God. Anothrt Video

The ethnically confused German-Moroccan Bekkay Harrach
(AKA Abu Talha al-Almani ”The German”),
who made the amateurish video
we told you about that warned Germany it faced a "rude awakening" if it does not end its "war" in Afghanistan, was apparently disciplined by As-Sahab for releasing the video without their

Harrach was clean shaven and wearing a suit and tie in the last video in which
he directly addressed German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
saying that attacks could follow Germany's federal election on Sept. 27

This video shows a still image of a standard cowardly masked al-Qaeda figure,
under the German title "O Allah, I love you." with a nuclear mushroom
cloud background. The 39-minute audio message is in German,
presumably spoken by Hallach (audio analysis is underway with the previous video as a reference), talks about jihad and the issue of sin in Islam.
The message also mentions Afghanistan.

Done in the standard As-Sahab style with all the usual cheesy trappings,
this was a lesson to Bekkay Harrach on how to release an al-Qaeda video.
To save face, al-Qaeda may have to act upon Bekkay Harrach's words after the

In the name of God the Merciful

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[O Allah, I love you (1)]

by: Al Hafidh Abu Talha, the German

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