Saturday, October 10, 2009

You'll Have to Do Better Than That

We were sent the following video from a Department of Defense (DoD) IP address,
with just the cryptic message:

"You're close to the mark. Life imitates art"

Some analysts take this as an indicator why the usurper is procrastinating on a
decision on Afghanistan.
Since the Meccachurian cannot achieve his Civilian National Security Force,
he is planning on utilizing these troops he would have to send to Afghanistan
for domestic purposes.

Other analysts take it as an indication that the military has had ENOUGH and has
finally decided to act.

While still others take it as a HOAX.

The CSA spoke of the "Military Oath HOAX" back on February 1st, 2009.
Since then we've heard even more rumors about rogue units or complete branches
attempting a military coup.

As we stated back then,
there is no single officer with enough charismatic personality to successfully
pull off a military coup.
Likewise the Meccachurian's cult of personality is wavering.
We cannot name a single military unit that is so blindly devoted to the
Meccachurian, that it would oppress citizens for him in anything other than a natural

There are individuals out there that like stirring up trouble just for the fun
of doing so.
IP addresses can be faked by experienced computer users,
and there are tutorials out there to teach individuals how to do it.

On the flip side,
there are also dozens of agents provocateurs who would love elements of the
Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities to reveal themselves.

Cryptic messages from a DoD IP address is not "proof" or "evidence" of anything.

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