Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Be a Shill!

More misinformation and disinformation is being distributed
to the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen) and Militia communities by various
individuals and agencies.
Some of this information is intentional government
disinformation, while some of it is from intolerant Muslim zealots hoping to create an
environment of fear to get others to do their "dirty" work for them,
while some of the misinformation is just from deviant personalities that like
stirring up trouble just for the fun of doing so.

While the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA), will not argue that we think
Barack "Hussein" Obama has a hidden socialist agenda,
we can argue on many of the outlandish and downright preposterous rumors
reported and forwarded to us.

Some of this misinformation and disinformation is dangerous,
because it may cause those with an already distrustful nature to act upon it.
Yet some of this misinformation and disinformation is harmless,
only the truly mentally ill and comatose believe it.

The CSA cannot pat you on the head and tell you everything will be OK.
It's NOT going to be OK.
All we can attempt is to ask you to use some COMMON SENSE!

Research and verify things before choosing to act.
Only a fool acts upon an unverified rumor.
If after researching and verifying a rumor,
you believe action is warranted, then do so.

The CSA is very critical of those individuals and groups,
that put out ALERTS without saying the ALERT is based upon unverified
rumor and speculation.

The enemies of the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen),
Militia and Survivalist communities use this misinformation and
disinformation to discredit it.
Even many of the supposed allies of the Patriot community,
are just opportunistic profiteering gluttons out to make a quick dollar.

Don't be a mainstream media whore!
They will only make you and your group look like idiots if given half the

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