Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rumors - Recent Rumor Analysis

The C.S.A.
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

As we have been telling you,
our government appears to have decided to ignore the strict limitations of the
Constitution for the United States of America,
by allowing a foreign-born person to seize control of the Presidency.

Civil unrest has been expected since before the general elections.
In memo after memo forwarded to us, we see police departments telling officers to "have their riot equipment ready".
To quote one memo, "have ready the equipment you would not normally carry
with you on a normal day

Rumors of plots and counter-plots have been flying into our e-mails since the
general election.

One rumor seems to come out of the National Intel Report radio program in hour 2 of November 17th,
which claims that a "general mobilization" recalling to service all
non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, reserves, and retired officers back
to full service.

These rumors have been circulating ever since Sheikh Obama won the general
election and claim that the military is mobilizing for a possible coup.
We have received 20+ such claims.

The one definite thing we can report is that the people we communicate with in
the military are planning on leaving in droves,
by not re-enlisting and letting their current enlistments expire.

Other rumors have been circulating of "FALSE-FLAG EVENTS" in the Persian Gulf
and Middle East,
which are said to be caused to trigger an attack on Iran.
Given estimates of a date are said to be the 25th, 26th, and 27th of November.

This rumor seems to originate from KEN-WELCH.COM.

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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