Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rumors - More From the Obama Camp

The C.S.A.
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

Information has been leaked to several Militia and Patriot groups,
that Barack Hussein Obama has been working for
"months" with four-dozen advisors on a plan to implement "preemptive policing"
to enforce his leftist agenda starting on Day One.

Planned actions include "surreptitious surveillance" on Militia members via
wiretaps on cell phones to "incriminate" them on everything from weapons charges
to domestic terrorism.

Using these trumped up charges they will be capture and detained.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will be instructed to no longer obtain
judicial oversight or even the consent of cell phone operators under an Obama
administration when deploying base station-faking technology that it employs for
the illegal geolocation of mobile users.

Known as Triggerfish, the technology pretends to be a cellular base station to
which handsets connect and identify themselves. By claiming to have "lost" the
unique identifier of a targeted mobile phone, Triggerfish then "asks" the phone
to resend its unique details.

With resources drawn from the FBI, United States Secret Service, Department of
Homeland Security, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Federal Emergency
Management Agency, and the as yet uncreated Civilian National Security Force,
these federal agencies will be instructed to begin an unprecedented crackdown on
Militia members on trumped up charges of

Militias are the last line of defense for our freedoms and liberties, and Obama knows that.
He views them as the only thing that can prevent the full implementation of his
march to the Left and has labeled them as secret societies of extremism and destruction.

We had possibly thought that these rumors or "leaks" could be a PSYWAR operation
directed at Militias and Patriot groups.
Considering that the Sheikh-elects transition team has been plauged by leaks and
rumors about his cabinet choices, leaks on this type of informatation gain some

Triggerfish, also known as cell-site simulators or digital analyzers, are
nothing new: the technology was used in the 1990s to hunt down hacker Kevin
Mitnick. By posing as a cell tower, Triggerfish tricks nearby cell phones into
transmitting their serial numbers, phone numbers, and other data to law enforcement.

The technical information of this "leak" is correct. The FBI telephone intercept
unit has developed cell phone tracking technology that agents use to monitor the
physical movements of surveillance targets, even on phones that are not GPS equipped.


The CSA is advising all militias and Patriot groups to adopt the use of Tactical
Operations (TACOPS) code for all wired and wireless communications.

Variations of TACOPS code can be created for quick efficient communications over the phone.


Mind you, this is a very basic example for demonstration purposes.

AK-47 brownies
AR-15 cookies
7.62x39 chocolate
.223 dough
Gun store bakery

I'm going to the bakery.
I need some dough to make some cookies.
Do you need any chocolate to make some brownies or any dough?

Cell phones should be banned from all Militia and Patriot gatherings.
Those who violate that policy should be summarily dismissed.

Apathy should not be tolerated in any form when it comes to Operational Security (OPSEC).

Only pre-paid cell phones should be used that are not registered to your real
name. Cell phones are becoming a disposable item and can be purchased in
convenience stores.

They should be disposed of monthly. Many times used phones can
be purchased at flea markets and tag sales.

If only a 10th of the rumors coming out of the Obama camp are correct, this may
be your last chance to implement OPSEC.

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