Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ukrainian Women’s Movement (FEMEN)


Ukrainian Women’s Movement (FEMEN)

Activists of the Ukrainian women’s movement FEMEN,
dressed as policemen beat journalists, photographers and cameramen during
their symbolic protest action called '100 days' on Independence Square in Kiev
on June 3, 2010.

They protested against the limitation of democratic liberties and freedom of the
press during the first hundred days of Viktor Yanukovych's presidency
commemorated today.

"The President calls the first 100 days of the first steps
to reform the country, for us, these 100 days were a shock.
In just a few months with democratic freedoms occurred scale transformation.
To paraphrase the President, the freedom in Ukraine - women who are raped have
100 days.

Have you ever wondered why American Feminists are silent
about Islamic honor killings,and the daily plight of Islamic women?
Maybe it's because they can't have a social function and sweep it under the
carpet!They need to import some of these gals and re-learn activim!

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