Friday, June 11, 2010

RUMOR - Operation "Swift Fox"? More like "Lame Duck"!


Rumors of a planned scenario for a Gulf
Coast Evacuation are circulating on the Internet like a venereal disease in a a
whore house.
Much of the information is pure unadulterated bullshit,
but a definite pattern can be discerned by examining information.
The problem with this information is that much of it comes from anonymous
sources or highly placed confidential sources.
We can fully understand individuals wanting to protect their identities if they
work for British Petroleum (BP) or the government,
but having anonymous and confidential sources immediately makes the information

The most prevalent rumor is that the oil is not the main danger to humans.

While the slicks and tar balls are disgusting to say the least,

the danger is said to be from the toxic gas concentrations
being released into the atmosphere from the BP wellhead.

Judging by the "leaked" reports of the levels of benzene, hydrogen sulfide,
methylene chloride and vanadium a Gulf Coast evacuation could be ordered if this
is "valid" information.

We can see neither BP or the government actually being concerned enough for the
publics safety to order such an evacuation.

This is actually placing a level of empathy on the government that they're
incapable of.

But for those few optimistic souls who think the federal government is capable
of compassion,

the only inkling of preparation is to kill looters by USNORTHCOM which has
admitted that they are preparing military operations within the United States.

So, is operation "Swift Fox" feasible?


If you think it is, your giving the federal government far too much credit.
They're not that intelligent!

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Thelma said...

Keep your head in the sand where it's nice and dark - it is not about being smart. . . it is about being evil - tl