Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Changing Face of American Jihadists


The faces of the American jihadist is changing at an alarming rate.
Everyone is used to seeing the stereotypical face of the American turned jihadist.
such as the self hating Jew, Adam "Yahiye" Pearlman.

AKA Adam "Yahiye" Gadahn or Azzam the American
Or the American-turned-Somali jihadist Omar Hammami

AKA Abu Mansoor al-Amriki or Abu Mansor Al Amriki

The current trend in American jihadists seems to be converts to Islam such as:

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad


Daniel Patrick Boyd

AKA Saifullah

and it seems to know no boundaries,
as jihadists appear to come in all varieties as the recent events at Fort Hood have shown us.

Some say all these individuals are undercover operatives as some circumstantial evidence points to this.
We cannot say with 100% certainty either way,
but stay alert and lookout for these American jihadists,
gathering together in small enclaves under the guise of automotive repair or
electronics enthusiasts.

According to a Wall Street Journal report,
the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
is looking at these enclaves who are suspected of having an interest in
mounting cyber-attacks,
on computer systems that control critical infrastructure.

These turncoat Americans are working as cultural interpreters,
technical support and media advisors for these terrorist groups.
Even the media is taking notice,
as they report an increasing numbers of English-language Web sites,
that are spreading al-Qaeda's message to Muslims in the West.
These web sites would not be possible without the collaboration of,
computer knowledgeable Americans.

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