Thursday, February 4, 2010

Street E & E


Street E & E
Evading, Escaping and Other Ways to Save Your Ass
When Things Get Ugly
By : Marc "Animal" MacYoung


This year's Super Bowl features two talented quarterbacks, but even Drew
Brees and Peyton Manning can't make plays without help from their teams.
Quarterbacks aren't the only people who need strong support networks.
The CSA encourages so-called "lone wolves" to talk to friends and relatives,
especially those with special skills or needs, about emergencies.
Find out what role you can play in developing and protecting your own support
network. This book was one of the first written when MacYoung was "coming out of the
street lifestyle ("the Life");
offensive language, and an obvious display of " street attitude" are present.
The book is not for all readers. But the concepts are important, despite
language and presentation.
This is the attitude a person will face "out there."

When the sickening realization comes that you are outflanked, outnumbered,
outclassed and outgunned ... it's time ... to run fiercely.

Marc MacYoung's Street E&E tells you how to survive that terrible moment.
Long-term survival isn't a matter of clashing head-on with every problem that
comes along. It's knowing when to be hard and when to be soft; when to run with
the ferocity of a wolf from overwhelming odds and then turn to strike when you
have the upper hand again. A constant willingness to fight isn't the mark of a
professional, knowing when to fight, when to watch and when to withdraw is. He's
the one who's going to stay alive.

The person who knows how to use his environment, apply hit 'n' run tactics and
use his enemies' weaknesses can turn from ghost to tiger back to ghost again.
And those lessons can be found within this book. Ranging from immediate survival
to what to do when you are being hunted to long-term disappearance when you've
crossed the wrong people, this book helps you devise survival strategies.


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