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Cochise County Militia Ready to Monitor Border


Cochise County Militia

Cochise County Militia Ready to
Monitor Border

BISBEE - The Cochise County Militia is
planning another event starting Fourth of July weekend to monitor the
U.S.-Mexico border for illegal immigrants.

Orientation will take place on July 3 starting at 1 p.m. The first day of work
will be July 4. Operations will be held on a 24-hour day, seven days a week, for
the month of July.

“People can stay for a weekend, a week or a month,” Bill Davis, who founded the
militia, told the Herald/Review during a recent interview. “Whatever they want.”

Efforts will be focused in Cochise County within 10 miles of the border. Each
participant will work an eight-hour post with one other person. At least one
person per team will have a handgun, a walkie-talkie and a cell phone.

“If there is a demand for it, I will go to Flagstaff. But right now we are
concentrating close to the border. They’ve got to cross the border here so they
can get to Oregon and Utah, where they welcome them with open arms,” Davis said.

Also, the group is forming a private military company, which can be considered
paramilitary, but not vigilante or mercenary. It will not charge money for its
work, but will accept donations.

“We do provide peace of mind for large-acreage border landowners, ranchers,
retirees and vacationing ranchers, by maintaining security for their livestock,
homes and possessions,” Davis states in a message to membership.

“We are not mercenaries, as we do not charge a fee for our services. We do not
make up our own laws or hang people from Cottonwood trees, therefore, we are not
vigilantes,” he adds.

The vast majority of members are either active or retired law enforcement, or
active or retired military. The group has never had a firearms accident or fired
a shot offensively in 10 years.

“While we prefer combat veterans, all are invited to fill all positions,” Davis
stated in another e-mail to members. “There is no pay involved. In fact, we
spend a lot out of our pockets to keep going in this immigration battle.”

The militia has been getting many new recruits as a result of recent coverage on
television and radio, including an interview Davis did on the Alan Colmes talk

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