Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Empty Store Shelves Coming to America


Empty Store Shelves Coming to America

Read the comments on this videos YouTube page.
The apathy of the general public never ceases to amaze us.
The classic tired refrains of "it can't happen here" and "this is nonsense" are depressing.
People are apathetic because of the Y2K hype that fizzled,
and they are now being bombarded with 2012 hype.
The letdown after nothing happens on December 21, 2012 will be epic.

Unlike these pseudo events,
a monetary crisis in this country WILL occur.
The federal deficit topped $1 trillion with three months still left to go in the
budget year,but the sheeple still think everything is rosy.

We realized that during the coming monetary disaster,
many people are going to die due to their apathetic "status quo" attitudes.
Being unprepared, they will either become quick victims
or be killed for what little they do have.

So for the unprepared,
laugh it up and party your brains out!
You'll only have yourselves to blame when the proverbial"shit hits the fan"!

Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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