Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Jones Deception!


We have heard the wanton ranting and supposed allegations,
of fakeumentary video producer and paid entertainer Alex Jones,
that the Obama Administration hacked into his account,
and deleted his YouTube video "The Obama Deception."

Jones is claiming that YouTube censored him and violated his First Amendment
Now if this isn't an example of "the pot calling the kettle black",
we don't know what is.

Alex Jones routinely censors comments on Infowars,
if you should bring something to light that his handlers consider "sensitive".

As this blog posting from July 31st, 2009 clearly illustrates,
Jones is a tool of the establishment.
Several of our blog followers also attempted to post the comment and experienced
the same result.

We gave Infowars every chance to respond and explain themselves.
We also contacted them via Twitter and were promptly ignored.
Alex Jones has a well-meaning but misguided following,
who devour his every word as gospel.

He claims that anyone who challenges him is COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence

These allegations should be examined rationally.

Who is the PAID entertainer?
Whose misinformation gets people arrested?
Whose concern is separating you from your hard earned money?
Whose concern is advertising revenues, hit counts and user ratings?

Yes Virginia, there is NO Santa Claus!

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