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Lessons You Should Learn From Mumbai, India

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Lessons You Should Learn From Mumbai, India

You've all seen the news about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

There are a few things every citizen soldier who refuses to be a willing victim
- should heed.

1) TEN terrorists killed over 300 people.
ONE AK-47 with a full magazine has enough bullets to kill 30 people.
Most of the time you can expect terrorists to carry more than one magazine load
of ammo (history shows that they do).
So the fact that they managed so few deaths (isn’t that
a screwed up way to look at it?
) is an indicator of their discipline
of fire.

They were reportedly firing “from the hip”.
When the time comes that we have to face them on our home turf we need to
remember that “spray and pray” isn’t acceptable.
Concentrate on shot placement as much as you can while staying alive.

2) 60 hours long.
Once you’re in the fight how long will you be there?
Your “go bag”, “bug out bag”, etc should be stocked with at a minimum a day’s
worth of food, water, etc.
If you’re on a close perimeter position and there is no relief available, well,
guess what?
You’re STUCK there.
Abandoning your position is unacceptable.
Be prepared. (The Boy Scouts have had it figured out
for years

3) Reports indicate that some of the armed police wouldn’t fire back.
A trained police officer trained and equipped with a loaded weapon is absolutely
useless if he doesn’t possess the backbone to use it.
If you find yourself in a place and time where terrorists are shooting at
innocent people,
and you pull your gun and take cover and then take no action at all you
are as much good as the unarmed innocent being killed.
Some of the Indian police seem to be incapable cowards, it appears they’ve
pursued the wrong line of work!

4) Management of the Taj Mahal hotel admitted that they had warning and that
they “temporarily increased security after being warned of a possible terrorist
Now I know that increases in security have a dollar amount attached and that
such an increase in security can’t be maintained indefinitely.
The same management spokesman seemed surprised that the terrorists didn’t come
through the entrance that had a metal detector but instead through a back
Um, DUH! We have GOT to accept that while terrorists may be evil and deserving
of the most efficient death we can deliver, they aren’t STUPID.

5) Law Enforcement is our first line of defense against a terrorist attack in
this country. The police officer will be the first to respond and the first to engage the
terrorists (unless an armed citizen has the guts to do
so before the police arrive

Are you prepared?

Do you have a weapon that is reasonable to take into such a fight?
Or are you facing an AK-47 with your handgun?
Do you have plates to pull on?
Is your Go Bag packed, maintained and ready?
Do you have a first-aid / trauma pack (blow out kit) on you, in your bag or at
least ready to grab when you go?

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