Friday, December 5, 2008

What is Barack Hussein Obama Hiding?

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I have written under many pseudonyms.
I usually prefer to write articles on weaponry, tactics, or high-tech solutions to common problems.

I felt compelled to write this article because we may very well have a criminal President in 2009.

No, this isn’t a joke.

Those who speak out on the subject are labeled racist, biased, dumb, as well as
insane for daring to question where Barack Hussein Obama was born.

But, every time Barack Hussein Obama or a family member tells of where Obama was
born, they seem to have no idea as of December 2008.

They seemed to know what hospital quite a few times months ago when it was
claimed that Obama’s mother gave birth to him at Queens Medical Center in
Honolulu, yet the hospital says they were never there.

After it was shown that Obama and his mother were never there,
his sister was in an interview (Mary) and claimed that Obama was born at
Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children,
yet they too claim Obama’s mother was never there.

Hospital after hospital in Hawaii,
all have no record of Obama being born or his mother ever being there.

We already know that Obama’s family and the entire nation of Kenya know that
Barack Obama was born in Mombasa Coastal Hospital in Kenya.
The government of Kenya has sealed these records.
More and more secrecy due to the fact that once proven,
Obama will not be constitutionally allowed to become President of the United States!

The following is what Obama has on his site as his real birth certificate
authenticated by Snopes and Factcheck.

(click for larger view)

This video provides an analysis of Obama's
Certificate of Live Birth by Dr. Ron Polarik detailing the factors contributing
to his conclusion that the document is not authentic.
"Dr. Polarik" is a pseudonym and his identity is obscured in this video./

Are you a conservative, libertarian, or any conscientious constitutionalist from
any ideological side of life, who's convinced something's not right, but you're afraid your reputation might be tarnished because, after all, this could be one big Saul-Alinsky-style
set-up, and the joke would be on you?

Time is running out and it looks like all hope is on the Supreme Court today
when they review a case before them designed to force Obama to release his birth

What is Barack Hussein Obama Hiding?

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