Friday, December 19, 2008

Sea-Smurf Inauguration

In what is being called "The xXx Scenario",
rumors are circulating that splinter factions of the United States (U.S.)
military will attempt an overthrow of the criminal U.S. government,
and assassinate the Sheikh-elect.

While such a scenario is the stuff of action films,
we can't see the military making a move against their future

A return to common sense and a Constitutional Republic is highly unlikely while
we have individuals more concerned with personal gain than the ideals of our
founding fathers.

For those with any inkling of hope,
it is official that the U.S. military will be on high alert during Barack
Hussein Obama's inauguration.

The America of our forefathers is DEAD!

The chances of a military coup to restore the U.S. to a Constitutional Republic
is slim to none.
Many of those in today's military have forgotten their "Oath of Enlistment",
"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
enemies, foreign and domestic

They have been told that their "domestic enemies" are those individuals in the
Patriot, Survivalist and Militia community.
Only very small factions in the military have retained any form of common sense
and understand that the Patriot,
Survivalist and Militia community want a return to the Constitution of the
United States of America.

What is known from Open Source Intelligence (OSI) is that air defenses will be
and deployment of the "Sea-Smurf's" (CCMRF - Chemical, biological,
radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) Consequence Management
Response Force) will occur.

We have previously made the "Sea-Smurf's"
Consequence Management manual available for review.
If you have not read it, we suggest you do so now.
This will give you a basic understanding of their policies.


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