Thursday, December 4, 2008


The C.S.A.
Connecticut Survivalist Alliance

A private Intelligence Analyst with a background in astronomy,
has e-mailed us an intriguing theory.
He claims that he has combined Open Source Intelligence (OSI), with religious
symbolism and astronomical symbolism to forewarn of trouble for Monday the 8th.

A rare astronomical event is visible in the sky Monday night.
Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the night sky, are conjoining
with the crescent moon to form a triangle in the southern sky.

As he points in his thesis, the crescent moon is of special significance to
Muslims.With reports that the Israeli Defense Force
(IDF) is preparing options for an Iranian airstrike
and the recent publicity surrounding a biological or nuclear attack on the United States,
he predicts one of these scenarios:

1. An IDF airstrike on Iran
2. A pre-emptive attack on Israel by Iran
3. A biological or nuclear attack in the United States
4. A nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan
5. An all out Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip

Time will tell, but he says something is up for Monday.

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