Monday, June 22, 2009

Another BS Rumor


Rumor mongering on the Internet has become a paid sport for some.

The latest rumor being tossed around by self proclaimed "Intelligence Experts",

 is that the festering situation in Iran is a joint Israeli Mossad, Russian

This is your standard "conspiracy theorist" drivel that always happens in these

For those with any true insight into the actual workings of the Intelligence

these fanciful tales of plots are quite amusing.

Espousing such disinformation essentially plays into the hands of the Mullahs

As much as we'd like to see Ahmadinejad's lifeless body dragged through the
streets of Tehran,

there is nothing to show or prove that the alternative is any better.

We will however give the disarmed Iranian people kudos for doing what the
American people will not, /

fight for their freedom from an oppressive tyrant.

Knowing the Meccachurian's view of the American Intelligence agencies,

believing he would unleash them on Iran is a pipe dream.

While these self proclaimed "Intelligence Experts" con individuals out of their
money for disinformation,

true Islamic threats like the fact that an

al-Qaeda mouthpiece says they would use Pakistani nuclear weapons
the United States if they gain control of them.

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