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More Spew From #2

On the eve of the Meccachurians consolatory speech to the Muslim world, al-Qaeda's deputy commander issued an audio statement saying the Meccachurian is not welcome in Egypt.

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[ The Executioner, Egypt and the American puppets welcome Obama ]

by the Mujahid Sheikh / Ayman al-Zawahiri

May Allah Protect Him

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Dear Muslim brothers everywhere; you peace and God's mercy and blessings.

Barack Obama decided to visit Egypt in the fourth of June, there is no hello in
Egypt, and by the Welcome and easy. No hello in Msramr Ben El-Aas, Egypt's
conquests in Egypt of Saladin, the Crusaders Hazmp in Egypt, Egypt's Ezz Bin
Abdulsalam and Qtz and Bebars, not hello in Egypt Al-Azhar in Egypt, Science,
Rabat, Islamic Jihad, not hello in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna Farghali, and
Mohamed Abdel-Kader return and Sayyid Qutb, Abd al-Hamid Kishk, Omar Abdel-Rahman,
Mohamed Abdel-Salam, Khaled Islamboli Tayel and Atta Abbas and Hussein Abdel-Hamid
Abdel-Salam and Essam lunar and Abu Ubaida Alpincheri commander and Abu Hafs,
Mohamed Atta.

I am here at a meeting expected to borrow lines Ahmed Moharram - God's mercy -
in the reception of British High Commissioner with a slight change:

Wonder what took Egypt * Waller chairman does have a new shooters
Is defined by the forward arrow * Try and signed by the float
President of the rapists got ground * Lebed Algasabon not exterminate
Dr. Kohar significant one * if it overcomes your soldiers from upholds
We shall Bhakmsr * If the people surrendered Kaud
Is Nbit brother Marines I * Gelaozp for your people or slaves
I lied to you it is not * for those of us wanting to Alhdeimp Mstakid
If the delegations Vahdhir * Here's what they say to you the consequences of
delegation What is Egypt * Ohdbmalc people Jbnoo and rigidity
Amadtdnia restrictions and minimum * vilify and despises the restrictions
Both of our homes or we are dead to us * and graves Allahud
Hear Sihti * people in Egypt are the flame and fuel Almwjaj

The White House said that Obama would send a message to Egypt from the Islamic
world, but they are forgetting that the letters had already arrived, it arrived
in his message to the Muslim world when he visited the Wailing Wall, and a
Jewish skullcap on his head, and the blessings of their prayers, which claims to
be Christian. The message arrived for the Islamic world to order when the
Zionist lobby (AIPAC) speech, in which the survival of a unified Jerusalem is
the eternal capital of Israel, which also pledged the full support of Israel,
and with the support of natural Jewish Israel. Reached his

Muslims as approved and endorsed the Zionist aggression in Gaza, and his message
to the Muslims arrived as promised and threatened to send more troops to
Afghanistan, and further shelling in Pakistan's tribal areas, reaching as he
conducted his bloody campaign against the Muslims in Swat, and his message to
the Muslims arrived from the private and public prisons, which oversees manage
it, but also the expansion of existing prisons such as Bagram prison in
Afghanistan, to receive more of the victims of Muslims and of Muslims arrived
for his continued refusal to apply the Geneva Conventions for prisoners of war
on the Muslims in the Crusader war against Islam, which they call the war on
terrorism, and his message to the Muslims arrived for the refused to attend his
Vdinm anti-racism conference in Geneva in order to the feelings of Israel, and
his message to the Muslims arrived in what threatened to intervene in Pakistan
to maintain nuclear weapons. That is, it considers that those weapons belong to
the United States and under its control, and to maintain it. And his message to
the Muslims arrived in the barrels of guns across the vast armies of America,
which is the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan and Iraq. His blood is still
reaching up to the Muslims, will not be overshadowed by public relations
campaigns and visits the play of words and rhetoric.

These messages that arrived before arriving to Egypt, and the choice of Turkey
and Egypt to send them a message to the Islamic world, as alleged, by making a
clear message to other Muslims who were satisfied with the Crusaders the
Americans, who leave Islam and embrace secularism, those who recognize Israel,
and holding them security agreements, and share in the military exercises, the
yen, the next to join NATO, to fight under the banner of the Crusaders in
It is a message to the Muslim nation that America stands unequivocally with the
executioners of criminals clients, who besiege the Palestinians, and tortured,
and hunting them down, and who have turned their country into a huge prison, and
those who Iorton rule by force and fraud for their children so that active and
passive corruption, dependency, employment and the American crusaders and Jews.

It is a clear message that America is not with the reform and change, and other
words of the U.S. false propaganda, but it is the continuation of authoritarian
regimes with the rotting, and backed and supported by, and issued with torture
devices and the detection of tunnels and detonate it over the heads of our
people in vulnerable Palestine.

This is the real Obama, the actual letters, which came to the Muslims,
regardless of what we can say of quackery and lies and empty propaganda.

If the Obama Lms, Fissereh by the users of its slaves and Rcawiyeh, the free
Verwdouna Egypt, and his crimes.

Ahmed Moharram a mercy of God:
And * Ohdobina enmity of the country did not see the enemies from the occupied
Whom to sell his Kmujahd * distance on the selling and buying

If Obama came to Egypt by Fissereh Geladuha and Sracha and Mvsduha, who made the
Egypt international station torture in America's war on Islam. Surrounded by
those who would not continue to besiege Gaza, welcomed by the angels of torture,
Mzoro elections, and vice publishers, and would welcome the cowards of Egypt,
who handed over the fulfillment of Constantine and sisters of the monasteries
prison, tortured or killed for fear of the wrath of America and Tzlva and Tmlqa.

By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an annual report on religious freedoms
in the world, but they pressed the government to take over the fulfillment of
Constantine and sisters, and turned a blind eye to the hypocrisy and complicity
clearly visible.

Barack Obama would welcome those corrupt, and honest, and Egypt and Otharha
Salehawha Phippgdouna in God, and they see criminals globally, politically and
Solia serve the Zionist project, to rise to positions of governance.

Barack Obama Christtefi Dzaro Egypt and Mjermoha and Setsabakon to provide him
with gifts, money stolen from the sweat and blood, and vulnerable, and I suggest
to them better than, the present is proposed by Ahmed Shawki - a God, have mercy
- on those who wanted to honor the judge of the Court of Fathi El Denshoai
offender. Vostair saying with a slight change:

If enough Jmatm Hmmtamoa and * to provide something valuable to the President
Take the rope without the fault of Noosed * Welted shorts and a prisoner under
Do not read poetry by Vhsabh * line of hair offense affidavit
Tqrooh in at a ceremony in Gaza, but Agherooh * needlessly every day Devin

So, our people in Egypt, Be followers of God and His Messenger, may Allah bless
him and grant him salvation, and do not be Almtoddin to the enemies of God and
religion and Ouliaih. Say, and adopted a meaning given to me:

Not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day of Iwadon sharp Allah
and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their
brothers or their clan of those books in their hearts the spirit of faith and
supported him and Idechlhm gardens underneath which rivers flow which may Allaah
be pleased with them and pleased by the Party of God but those that are
Hezbollah successful.

Egypt and you are free and Charfaha Salehiha Mjahidiha and stand as one in the
face of the criminal, which was seeking to undermine the deception failed in the
field, after the worst American crusade projects mujahideen in Iraq, Afghanistan
and Somalia.

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