Saturday, June 13, 2009


NORAD and USNORTHCOM Exercise Planned for
June 18th - 24th

North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command are planning
to conduct a combined exercise June 18 - 24 that will incorporate several
military exercises with a National Guard exercise. These linked exercises are
referred to as ARDENT SENTRY 09. Events will take place in multiple venues
across the country including Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, Wyoming, and off the East and
West Coasts.

The exercise will allow several Department of Defense organizations and some
federal and state partners to implement plans and respond to a variety of
notional events. Historically, exercises like these have helped both DoD and
other agencies review their processes and procedures and focus their future
training efforts on closing gaps and identifying areas that need additional

Major AS 09 venues include:

NORAD’s AMALGAM DART exercise involving air defense activities at Camp Rilea,

The National Guard’s VIGILANT GUARD exercise focused on civil support with major
activities in Des Moines, Iowa and Topeka, Kansas; and,

A Nuclear Weapons Incident exercise (NUWAIX) with a U.S. Air Force response near
Cheyenne, Wyoming;

The activities in the vicinity of Camp Rilea will involve the deployment of an
Army National Guard ground-based air defense system that will be integrated with
Air Force airborne systems (AWACS and fighters) and a Navy Aegis Destroyer.

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska National Guard units will respond to
multiple events in Iowa and Kansas including simulated train derailments and
foreign animal disease.

In Wyoming, Air Force Space Command will respond to an incident involving a
simulated nuclear weapon



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