Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Ghetto Survivalists" Grabbing Mainstream Media Attention

"Ghetto Survivalists" Grabbing Mainstream Media Attention

While Survivalism or Preparedness is currently "in vogue",
it's always had a fringe element attached to it that has long given
"Survivalists" or "Preparedness Minded People" a bad reputation.

The Mainstream Media cannot forget this fact even now as they supposedly portray "Survivalists" in a positive manner.
They go out and find the most ignorant individuals they can find and label them "Urban Survivalists".

A more proper term that one of our members has suggested,
would be "Ghetto Survivalists".

They are far more concerned with earning cash than caring about the welfare of
yourself and your loved ones.

Exploiting individuals during bleak economic times is not "Survivalism".
Those attempting to pass themselves off as Survivalist gurus and pass on their "expertise" for you hard earned dollars,
are posers at best, and criminals at worst.

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