Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IMINT - The Degeneration of Haiti


The Degeneration of Haiti

One of France's main humanitarian
organisations accused the United States on Wednesday of mishandling aid
operations in Haiti and causing severe delays to doctors trying to bring vital
help to victims of the earthquake.

Delays in proper aid havr caused a massive problem with rampant infections among
the injured h, with gangrene being the most common. These people now need
amputations that could have been spared.

Lawlessness is now rampant with an a Haitian police officer shouts over a
loudspeaker, "If you don't kill the criminals, they will all come back". The
call for vigilantes comes as influential gang leaders who escaped from a heavily
damaged prison during the earthquake are taking advantage of a void left by
police and peacekeepers focused on disaster relief.

But don't worry!

they found a solution.



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