Monday, January 25, 2010

Medical Procedures and Skills - A Step by Step Guide


Medical Procedures and
Skills - A Step by Step Guide

Skill 01 Temperature
Skill 02 Pulse
Skill 03 Respiration
Skill 04 Blood Pressure
Skill 05 Pulse Oximetry
Skill 06 Capillary Blood Draw
Skill 07 Venipuncture
Skill 08 Blood Draw from a Central Venous Catheter
Skill 09 Nasopharyngeal Swab
Skill 10 Throat Culture
Skill 11 Collection of Stool Specimen
Skill 12 Collection of Urine Specimen
Skill 13 Collection of a Midstream
Skill 14 Assisting with Child during Bone Marrow
Skill 15 Assisting with Child during Lumbar Puncture
Skill 16 Assisting with Collection of Cerebrospinal
Skill 17 Sponge Bath
Skill 18 Insertion of a Peripheral IV Line
Skill 19 Dressing Change Central Venous Line
Skill 20 Insertion of a Nasogastric Tube
Skill 21 Management of Gastrointestinal Suction
Skill 22 Nasogastric Tube Irrigation
Skill 23 Nasogastric Tube Lavage
Skill 24 Administration of a Bolus Feeding
Skill 25 Administration of NG, NJ, Gastrostomy and
Skill 26 Changing a Fecal Ostomy Appliance
Skill 27 Emptying an Ostomy Pouch
Skill 28 Administration of Enemas
Skill 29 Urinary Catheterization
Skill 30 Petaling a Cast
Skill 31 Pin Site Care
Skill 32 Care of the Child in an External Fixation
Skill 33 Pin Care, External Fixation Device
Skill 34 EVD Maintaining System at Correct Level and Functioning
Skill 35 EVD Client Assessment
Skill 36 EVD Monitoring Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
Skill 37 EVD Changing the Drainage Bag
Skill 38 EVD General Nursing Care and Safety
Skill 39 Assisting with Chest Tube Insertion
Skill 40 Preparing the Chest Tube Drainage System
Skill 41 Care of the Child with a Chest Tube
Skill 42 Assisting with Removal of Chest Tube
Skill 43 Oxygen Administration
Skill 44 Bulb Suctioning
Skill 45 Nasotracheal Suctioning
Skill 46 Tracheostomy Monitoring
Skill 47 Tracheostomy Tube Change
Skill 48 Tracheostomy Tube
Skill 49 Tracheostomy Suctioning
Skill 50 Endotracheal Tube Monitoring (ETT)


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