Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chemical Weapon OSI

The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance Intelligence Unit (CSAIU),
has been inundated with items of interest to investigate and research for the Patriot,
Militia and Survivalist communities.

Our staff is giving priority to Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA).
members but would urge EVERYONE to send us leads, tips and rumors.

By combining some of these items, we often see the "bigger picture".

Send your leads, tips and rumors to the CSAIU, via the main CSA account:

or send them directly to the CSAIU account at:

While the Meccachurian suggests he wants to work with a friendly Taliban in Afghanistan,
Open Source Intelligence (OSI),
suggests that an al-Qaeda-Taliban combo plans to use parts of the Middle East as launch pads for bio-chemical attacks , on Western countries.

The general consensus among Intelligence Analysts,
is that al-Qaeda and the Taliban are virtually one in the same organizations having merged their talent pool.

AQLIM (al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb),
is known to be experimenting with the Black Death (more commonly known as
the plague). You may remember the little" accident " they had back in January.

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